Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon and officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia. It lies in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal, separated from the Indian peninsula by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. Obtain your Sri Lanka Visa from India with our reliable and convenient visa application assistance.

Visa Types

Sri Lanka is a small island locked within Indian Ocean. It is quite identifiable because of its peculiar teardrop form. There is so much to see and do in these island country ranging from the mammoth Lotus Tower usually found Colombo, Nine Arches Bridge at Ella not forgetting their beaches some loaded with sand while others with a tropical forest, You can apply for a Sri Lanka Visit Visa from India  through the Go Kite Tours.

All one needs to enter the country is a Sri Lanka at avail all that it has. The process of obtaining a visa online for Indian is quite easy. Visas are generally of three types, namely tourism, business and residence as well as transit visas.

Sri Lanka, known for its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, offers visitors a vibrant tapestry of experiences. From ancient ruins like Sigiriya to the colonial charm of Galle Fort, this island nation captivates with its diverse attractions. Explore tea plantations in the hill country, encounter wildlife in national parks, and savor flavorful cuisine. Sri Lanka’s warm hospitality and scenic beauty make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation alike.

To obtain a Sri Lankan visa, you typically need to apply online through the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system. Complete the application form, pay the fee, and submit National Identification Card, travel documents, travel itinerary, and proof of personal funds. Processing usually takes a few days. Through every aspects of your trial, make sure that information you convey is true to prevent possible delays.

For nature enthusiasts, Sri Lanka boasts an abundance of wildlife, with national parks and reserves teeming with diverse species, including majestic elephants, elusive leopards, and colorful birds. From thrilling safari adventures to serene boat rides along mangrove-lined rivers, the island offers countless opportunities for wildlife encounters. Whether seeking relaxation on palm-fringed beaches, embarking on cultural explorations, or indulging in thrilling outdoor adventures, Sri Lanka promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

The good thing about the Sri Lanka from India is that as an Indian, you enjoy a dual benefit since from 14th May and till date one can get e-visa for Re.20 which in effect means no waiting long at immigration queues only to be refused visas or even charged extra money when coming to Colombo International Airport something Indians have witnessed too many times on However, to do this you will have to apply for an electronic travel authorization.

Document Required for Sri Lanka ETA


  • Scanned copy of first and last page of your Passport. Validity of your passport should be at least 6 months beyond your stay period in Sri Lanka and have minimum 3 blank pages;
  • Confirmed return air ticket;
  • Indian company and Sri Lankan company address. (For Sri Lanka Business Visa)
  • Processing time – 24 to 48 hours
  • Stay period – Upto 30 days
  • Validity – 6 months
  • Entry – Double

Sri Lanka Visa Types


Sri Lanka Tourist Visa:

Such a visa is issued to genuine tourists who are travelling exclusively for tourism purpose in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lanka tourist visa is in essence a double entry visa. That tourist persona is valid when sightseeing, spending a vacation with friends and relatives, undergoing medical treatment including yogic or Ayurveda methodology as well as participation in sports games contestations decorum. Simplify your Visa with our streamlined services and expert guidance.

Sri Lanka Business Visa:

This transit visa is granted to foreign people who travel for business purposes which are on-purposed time basis. This type of visa comes in different forms such as single entry, double entries and multiple entries. The business visa claims to permit one participate in conferences or meetings, negotiation of events among others as Business Conventions, short term Training Programmed; Arts Music and Dance Festivals Art Seminars ; Symposia religious activities World affairs Interviews.

Sri Lanka Transit Visa:

This visa is given to the foreign people transiting via Sri Lanka. This type of visa suits a two-day stay.

How to apply for Sri lanka visa: Inquiry: Please contact travels with your Sri lanka requirements, and team will offer you with all relevant information and help. Document Submission: Submit the relevant documents, and specialists will check them for accuracy and completeness. Application Processing: We handle the entire application process, liaise with the appropriate authorities, and ensure that your visa is issued on schedule. Visa Approval: When your visa is approved, They will notify you promptly and provide you with any extra information you require.

Here’s a quick list of often necessary documents for a visa application.

  • Completed Sri lanka tourist visa for Indian Application Form.
  • Required documents include a valid passport and passport-sized photographs.
  • Flight itinerary and hotel reservation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Please provide proof of funds and purpose-specific documents, such as business invitations or conference details.
  • Proof of Relationship (For Family Visits)
  • Approval for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), if appropriate.


Q1: How do I apply for Sri lanka visa?

A: Apply online via through go kite tours.

Q2: What are the various types of  Visa?

A: Tourist visa, business visa, and visitor visas are available.

Q3: How much does it cost for Visa?

A: Sri Lanka tourist visa from India vary; the most recent information is available from official sources.

Q4: What is the processing time for Sri Lanka?

A: The processing time for a tourist to Sri Lanka from India vary based on the specific circumstances and the efficiency of the application process. It’s advisable to apply well in advance of your travel dates to avoid any last-minute complications.

Apply for Sri Lanka Visa:

To apply for an Sri Lanka Visa from Thrissur you may contact our consultants from the Thrissur office.