Slovakia is a charming Central European nation with beautiful natural landscapes and a rich cultural legacy. Slovakia is a famous tourist location for visitors from around the globe, including India. To explore this beautiful nation, Indian travellers can simply acquire a Slovakia tourist visa. Indian citizens must present the necessary papers and satisfy the eligibility requirements in order to file for a Slovakia tourist visa from India. After obtaining a visa, tourists can experience the charming cities of Bratislava and Kosice, as well as the High Tatras mountain region and traditional Slovak food.

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How to Apply for Slovakia visa

If you’re an Indian planning a trip to Slovakia, you’ll need to apply for a visa. The application process can be daunting, but with the right information and preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate the visa application process.

If you are an Indian resident considering a tourist trip to Slovakia, you will need to  acquire a Indian passport. The visa permits  you to visit Slovakia for a limited time, typically up to 90 days in a six-month  timeframe. To apply for a Slovakia visa, you  must send your visa application form along with supporting papers such as your  passport, trip schedule, evidence of lodging, and cash  records. The processing period for visas  varies, but it typically takes around 15  days. To prevent delays or last-minute  problems.

The steps involved in applying for a Visa Explore Slovakia today with Go Kite easy visa process


Step-1 Gather all necessary documents

Gathering all required papers is the first stage in filing for a visa. A valid passport with at least six months remaining validity, a completed visa application form, a recent passport-sized photograph, proof of travel arrangements (such as flight tickets and hotel reservations), proof of financial means to support your stay in Slovakia, and a travel medical insurance policy are all required. To prevent delays or rejections, double-check the criteria and collect all required papers before submitting your application.

Step-2 Apply for the Slovakia in advance

It is critical to register your tourist passport well ahead of your intended trip dates. Visa application processing times differ, and it is suggested that you submit at least 4-6 weeks before your planned departure date. This will give you enough time to resolve any possible delays or issues before your journey. Furthermore, applying early can help you prevent last-minute worry or a rush to acquire your passport.

Step-3 Be honest and accurate in your application

When filing for a tourist visa as an Indian, it is critical to be truthful and precise. Any false information or inconsistencies in your visa application may result in its rejection or even a prohibition from future visa applications. Before sending your application, double-check all information and provide any required supporting papers to back up your claims.

Step-4 Provide proof of financial stability

Demonstrating your financial stability is an  essential part of the visa application online  procedure. This  entails demonstrating that you have  sufficient money to cover your trip costs, such as lodging, transportation, and  food. It is  critical to demonstrate that you have a steady source of money and  will not be a drag on the Slovakian government during your  stay.

Step-5 Be prepared for the interview process

You may be needed to attend an  interview at the embassy or consulate as part of the registration procedure. The visa  official will use this conversation to ask you questions about your trip  plans and to check the information you submitted in your  application.  Answer  honestly and clearly, and make sure you comprehend your travel arrangements  completely. To create a good  impression, dress properly and appear on time for your  appointment.

Documents Required

  •    Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any
  •     2 Scanned recent colour photograph.
  •     Visa Application form: completed and signed
  •     Personal Covering letter: explaining purpose of travel to the country
  •     Original Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 3 months with bank seal
  •     Air tickets: proof of return flight tickets from and back to your home country
  •      Hotel reservation: proof of accommodation for your entire stay
  •      Income Tax Returns/Form 16: for last 3 years
  •      Travel Itinerary: day-wise plan outlining all elements of the trip
  •      Travel Insurance: with minimum coverage of EUR 30000 and valid for entire duration of stay
  •      Yellow Fever Certificate: required for visa application and travel to Slovakia

1. If Employed:

  •         Leave Sanctioned Certificate: with company seal providing approval for leave
  •         Salary Slips: of last 3 months

2.If Self Employed:

  •         Business Proof: Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed
  •         Company Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 6 months with bank seal
  •         Company’s Income Tax Returns: of last 3 years

3. If Retired:

  •         Retirement Proof: pension book, statement etc.

4. If Student

  •         ID Card: from school, college or institute

5. If Minor

  •         Birth Certificate showing the names of both parents
  •         Legalized Letter of Consent (NOC)
  •         If the child is travelling with one parent, the letter of consent authorizing travel must be legalized by the other parent
  •         If the child is travelling alone or without either parent, a notarized letter of consent from both parents permitting travel
  •         Death Certificate: in case one or both parents are deceased
  •         ID Proof: of parents

6. If Visiting friend or relative

  • Invitation letter: stating the relationship with the inviter and purpose of visiting the country & assuring the responsibility for housing and related expenses during the guest’s stay in Algeria
  •  ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit
  •  Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill

7. If Sponsored

  •  Sponsorship Letter: providing the name of the visitors, what the purpose of the visit is, relationship with the visitors, length of stay, dates of   travel & any other additional information if necessary
  •  ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit
  •   Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill
  •   Proof of Financial Support: updated bank statement, pay slips

8. For Business Visa

Introduction/ recommendation letter from:

  •         One of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries, government of India;
  •         Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India;
  •         Export Promotion Council of India; or Reference number from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan.

Registration certificate of the company from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India:

  •         Income tax documents of the last three years;
  •         Letter from the company addressed to the embassy, introducing the business man for visa issuance;
  •         Invitation letter from the local partner or prospect local partner company in Afghanistan;
  •         Copy of the license (JAWAZ) of the local partner or prospect local partner company in Afghanistan.

Note: The Embassy/Consul General has the right to ask for additional information or documents and request a personal interview with the applicant.

Reasons to visit Slovakia:

Hiking trails

It has several hiking paths for all skill levels because it is a very mountainous country. The High Tatras, which provide multiple summits over 2,500 metres and breathtaking bird’s eye views from observation sites like Lomnicky Stit, are a great choice for serious hikers. Intermediate hikers could head to Jasná Chopok and refuel at the restaurant Rotunda, which is located at a height of 2,004 metres and offers views of the valley and the High Tatras in the distance.


The 2,900-kilometer (about 1,800-mile) long Danube Cycle Path, which passes via the remnants of old castles and the bridges that link Bratislava’s two sides, starts in Germany and travels through before concluding in Romania. Beginning in Bratislava, cyclists can take a pleasant ride down the Danube River for several hours or even days.


Slovak castles were frequently looted or set on fire during wartime if the invaders were able to get past the castle’s defences. Many castles are now in ruins, and if you look out the train window, you might be shocked to discover the ruins of old towers standing high above a hill. But a number of magnificent castles that have been meticulously renovated and are now used as museums demonstrate the significant role that these magnificent structures formerly played.

Thermal springs

In Slovakia, a number of hot springs provide therapeutic water that can be used for both relaxation and the treatment of ailments including back pain, arthritis, or respiratory problems. The foggy liquid is also packaged and consumed by Slovaks for its therapeutic properties. There are several thermal spas throughout the nation that you can visit as a visitor to receive a massage and a warm dip for a very affordable price.

Unique traditions

Strong folk traditions in Slovakia, including folk dance performances and traditional arts and crafts like woodcarving, pottery, lace embroidery, and beekeeping, serve to showcase the country’s distinctive identity. Visit the Slovak National Museum in Martin, which is home to Slovakia’s largest open-air ethnographic museum, to discover more about the country’s rich folk culture.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Slovakia:

Bratislava – Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, is located near the borders with Hungary and Austria along the Danube River. Little Carpathian mountains and Vineyards surround it; pathways for cycling and hiking through the forest crisscross the area.

High Tatras – A mountain range in the north of the country, the High Tatras offer some of the most beautiful landscapes, with hiking trails, skiing, and stunning views. The High Tatras, also known as the High Tatra Mountains, runs along the border of southern Poland, in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, and northern Slovakia, in the Preov Region. They are part of the chain of the Tatra Mountains.<

Spiš Castle – One of the largest castle complexes in Central Europe, Spiš Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for history buffs.

Bojnice Castle – A romantic castle located in the western part of the country, Bojnice Castle is a fairytale-like castle with beautiful gardens and a large zoo.

Slovak Paradise National Park – A natural wonderland located in the east of the country, Slovak Paradise National Park is known for its breathtaking canyons, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

Banská Štiavnica – A charming medieval town located in central Slovakia, Banská Štiavnica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great place to explore mining heritage.

Orava Castle – A dramatic castle located on a hill overlooking a river, Orava Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Trenčín Castle – A medieval castle located in the western part of the country, Trenčín Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovakia and offers great views of the town and surrounding landscape.

Liptovský Mikuláš – A small town located in the north, Liptovský Mikuláš is a great base for exploring the nearby mountains and is home to a popular water park and open-air museum.

Bardejov – A charming town located in the east of the country, Bardejov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a beautifully preserved medieval center, including a stunning Gothic church and a town hall.


Slovakia is a unique nation. Explore its charming old towns and amazing sites of global importance. Experience the unique flavours of regional specialties and traditional national cuisine. Enjoy Slovakia’s natural beauty and distinctive atmosphere. All you need is a visa to discover Slovakia’s beautiful natural surroundings, extensive history, and diverse culture.

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