Top 10 tips to plan a Memorable Trip to Shimla and Manali

Shimla and Manali

In a world where it goes by quick, there’s a place that can make time freeze. Two such locations are Shimla and Manali, nestled in the Indian Himalayas. These picturesque hill settlements lure travelers with their breathtaking natural beauty, lively cultures and that eternal peace in the heart of Himalayas. As you venture through these awe-inspiring areas, expect the history, the heartbeat of the mountains, and create unforgettable lifetime memories to take with you back to normal life. Tag along with us as we bring you an online tour through Shimla and Manali unveiling the hidden side of those destinations which every traveler seeking peace of mind, thrill, and some touch of divine can enjoy.

10 Perfect Tips For An Unforgettable Shimla & Manali Tour.

Do your homework and make a plan:

First take the time to have an online in-depth exploration of Shimla and Manali before heading. Take in mind landscape, weather, culture, and local customs. Create a detailed schedule with a list of places you plan to go, things you want to do with an approximate day-by-day schedule. You can make the most efficient use of your time with planning.

Pick a Time That Works Best for You:

Shimla and Manali have different season times. During the summer from May to June, there are more visitors as the weather conditions are pretty good and the bushes grow more thicker. Snowfall takes place during December to February which is also the time of winter activities. Fall (Sept — Oct) and Spring (March — April) are the better options for you if you do not want the crazy crowd but a pleasant weather. So you have to check out for the season that is better suited to your body.

Check Out Well-Known Attractions:

Mall Road in Kufri (for animals) or the Ridge (with a stunning view) are some of the many places to visit in Shimla. Manali is a land of many tourist spots like Solang Valley for adventure sports, Rohtang pass for snow and amazing views, Hadimba Devi temple for its Historical importance and culture, and cute Manali old village!

Examining Regional Cuisine:

Well, you’re supposed to eat the local food when you travel, aren’t you? Shimla and Manali are the perfect places to fill up on Himachali and Tibetan food. Experiment with local delicacies like Thukpa, Chana Madra, Dham, and Momos.

Assemble Properly:

The time of year, in my opinion, will decide what you need to take for your trip. Take light summer clothing, hats, sunglasses, sun cream, and comfortable footwear for walking. During Summer, if you want to go out to the mountains or snowy destinations then make sure you take thermal suits, woolen jackets, snow-wear gloves, and snow shoes along with you. Remember you’ll have the necessities including battery banks, chargers, and decent cameras to recall it constantly.

Make Advance Reservations for Lodging:

Famous travel places like Manali and Shimla are highly in demand during peak season. Book the hotel early to get the best options and discounts.

Recognize your altitude:

Manali is at a higher altitude than Shimla and some people might get altitude sickness even as a tourist. Stay hydrated in the days leading up, don’t exercise the first couple of days, and if you’re prone to altitude sickness, you might want to speak to your doctor about medication options beforehand.


While photography may be allowed at Shimla & Chail Palace, you need permission for filming. For this purpose, you can ask for the District administration and Tourism Office’s assistance. Intended participants in dangerous activities should also be notified to SDM, Police, and Tourist office in advance and have required permissions. You might need to present your ID for access. For queries on permission procedures, please contact your travel agent. Keep this in mind if you are planning a trip to Himachal.

Standards of Behaviour

Be friendly and polite; two vital pieces of Himachal Pradesh travel tips you should remember. Give someone you see a smile, but let yourself breathe. Be polite and nice to cabbies, but don’t be an asshole/cruel and take down their names, numbers. Reduce the chances of accidents by not driving at night. Keep up the schedule when you’re driving. Whenever you want to hire a porter, contact the Department of Tourism or the hotel’s reference.


You will easily find an ATM machine in Himachal Pradesh however there are no ATMs present in the remote areas. And don’t even get me started on whether you’ll be able to find an ATM in your local supermarket even if you do, their reliability is suspect. Last but not least, do remember to bring enough cash with you before you head off for your remote cave or exchange it at a bank or any designated foreign currency dealer.

Thus it is recommended to always read the complete itinerary/package while planning for a trip to Shimla and  Manali tour package from India and remember to follow the top ten tips mentioned above. And what I mean by “planning ahead” is to plan for the best time to plan and book your hotel room as soon as possible. And this will make your entire holiday flow easily.

Be sure to get your travel documentation in order, find out how to eat some food for those people, and prep your bags for the environment. And then there are all those warnings about staying healthy while traveling and tips for getting around in your destination safely.