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Join us on the journey of a lifetime as we build a new world of unmatched travel experiences, where each trip is an art that transcends your expectations. Here at Go Kite Tours, we think that the process of travelling is not only about the end destination. Travel is about taking memorable adventures, living those moments forever, and submerging yourself into the diversity of cultures and landscapes that our world provides. Excellence and the passion for travelling are the foundation of our company and help us give you a fully customized Europe trip that will meet all your needs. Whether it is experiencing the historic cities of Europe from the cobblestone streets, sunbathing in the exotic islands, or undertaking the adventure of a lifetime in the heart of Africa by going on a safari, we will make it possible for you. Our unique knowledge, individualized approach and unconditional commitment to your comfort make us the best tour guide. Take a trip to an unknown world where every instant is hand-crafted and every destination is a waiting masterpiece.

Take a trip of a lifetime into the European heart with our comprehensive Europe Tour Package that is very well designed. From the immortalized monuments of Paris to the gorgeous scenery of Switzerland, this trip is all about the mix of culture, history, and nature.


Tour Highlights

Paris Exploration: Start in the city of love, in France- Paris. Climb to the magnificent Eiffel Tower for all-around city views, which is followed by a scenic Seine river cruise that will let you see Paris in all its glory.
Versailles Palace: Tour the beautiful and the once home to the royals Versailles Palace and your trip into the luxury will have been complete. Marvel at the sight of the majestic State Apartments and take a walk through the awe-inspiring Gardens while you are there.
Brussels & Rotterdam: Leading you through Brussels’ sights, an experienced guide will show you the most prominent landmarks, including the Atomium and the Grand Place. Your journey continues to Rotterdam, where modern design coexists with the flair of the past.
Keukenhof Tulip Garden & Zaanse Schans: Let yourself go in the stunning array of kaleidoscopic colors that Keukenhof Tulip Garden has in store for flower lovers alike. See the cute village of Zaanse Schans, that has got the windmills and a cheese factory within it.
Cologne & Frankfurt: Give the visitors the chance to get acquainted with the romantic Cologne Cathedral and take in a Frankfurt orientation tour that will explain the city’s dynamics with the river Main.
Black Forest & Rhine Falls: The Black Forest lies amid this fairy-tale land where you come across delightful villages and cuckoo clocks. Witness the Rhine falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, with all its glory.
Mount Titlis Adventure: Get a chance to feel your adrenaline pulse with a visit to a mount Titlis. Discover the revolving cablecar, get lost in the magical Ice Grotto, and take in the astounding mountain views of the Swiss Alps.



• Round Trip Airfare (Economy Class), include airport taxes and visa costs.

• Lodging at the hotels of different classes all the way through the tour.

• Guided tours with experienced Guides or local hosts.

• The cost of meals, transfers, entrance fees, and the costs of sightseeing per the itinerary.

• The overseas travel insurance for the entirety of the tour.

• In addition to the other taxes, I want to include 5% GST.



• Any expenses that are not described under “Inclusions.”

• Additional costs arising from the airfare fluctuation or currency exchange rate.

• Additional activities and personal spending on laundry, telephone charges, and drinks.

• Anything that does not explicitly appear on the tour price details.

What We Offer








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Day 1: Kochi – Paris:

The European trip commences with an exhilarant flight from Cochin to the magical city of Paris. While diving towards the city-of-light that is the capital of France, excitement is in the air, and you are welcomed by the unmistakable charm of the City of Light. On your arrival, plunge into the romantic atmosphere of the city and get the feeling of Paris. You’re in for a treat as you approach the Eiffel Tower at dawn, a renowned symbol of romance and splendour. Rise to the top of the tower and feel the breath-taking panorama of Paris, where the beauty of the city unfolds in all its classic glory before your eyes. After this outstanding trip, you take a Seine river cruise on a leisurely ride, moving slowly on the calm waters while enjoying the sight of glowing landmarks along the banks. To sum up the day, go to your hotel to have a good night sleep, considering that the excitement is just starting.

Day 2: Paris City Tour – Versailles Palace:

Discover the captivating allure of Paris as you set out on a guided city tour, effortlessly navigating through the enticing streets and iconic landmarks. Admire the splendor of the Champs Elysees, have a walk along the Arc de Triomphe, and feel the thrill of living in the center of the city at Place de la Concorde. The best part of your day is waiting for you just outside the city limits. It’s the marvelous Versailles Palace, a treasure of French art and history. Get a chance to go back in time by just wandering through its magnificent State Apartments decorated with luxury and the most expensive artworks. Stroll through the exquisitely landscaped gardens featuring fountains dancing to the tune of classical music, and mysterious trails leading you into their depths to investigate their mysteries. Following the day of wonders and amazement visit Paris and enjoy yourself as you do so have a meal in a restaurant overlooking the street or stroll alongside the river in the evening.

Day 3: The Paris – Brussels – Rotterdam route:

Board a train to leave for the jovial cities of Brussels and Rotterdam to bid farewell to Paris. You begin your journey in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and immediately fall in love with the futuristic-looking Atomium and the historically alluring Grand Place. Right on the start of the tour, go through the guided walking tour and enjoy the beauty of ornate guild houses and Manneken Pis statue. Take the next step in your trip to Rotterdam, a city whose architecture is praised for its innovation and whose port is always a hive of activity. You will always find time to stroll down its bustling streets with the modern landmarks and cultural sites. Dive into the buzzing, cosmopolitan scene of this city, where every step you take reveals new and exciting discoveries – and exciting adventures just around the corner. Bask in the last rays of the sun over Rotterdam, and anticipate the adventures you will have in the days to follow as you relax in your room.

Day 4: Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Zaanse Schans:

Hello morning and get ready to experience a trip where you will be surrounded by colors and traditional architecture. Say goodbye to Rotterdam, and head out from there to the Netherlands, where you will be welcomed with open arms by the Keukenhof Tulip Garden, the international centre for floriculture. The sea of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths will take you away as you witness the wonderful colors of spring that make a painting of a tableau. After being hypnotized by the beauty of nature, move on to the remarkable village of Zaanse Schans, which has remained unchanged throughout the centuries. Here, windmills are marker of the horizon, and their sails are tell of the historic age. Take a journey into the outer reaches of the Dutch tradition as you visit a cheese factory, where craftsmen work hard to produce the most delicious cheese using old-world skills and techniques. By the end of the day, you will have seen the craftsmanship of wooden shoe-making and the walk along the cobblestone street where historic houses are lined up, then you will be back at the hotel full of memories of the day that you spent with the Dutch.

Day 5: Rotterdam – Kölner – Frankfurt:

Begin a trip in Germany leading through its magnificent culture by saying goodbye to Rotterdam and heading to Cologne. Be amazed at the magnificent Cologne Cathedral which is a great masterpiece of Gothic architecture and has stood unconquerable by time. Catch its architectural grandeur and show its internal peace in the sacred hall. Enjoying the trail, further you to Frankfurt, an energetic metropolis set on the banks of the Main River. Jump into the main flow of the city on the orientation tour and hit some of the most important historical landmarks of the area and modern marvels. From the picturesque Altstadt to the vibrant financial district, Frankfurt presents the visitors with Germany’s history, today’s image, and a glance at the future. Finish your day in Frankfurt and settle in your accommodation as you anticipate the exciting episodes of the next days.

Day 6: Frankfurt – Black Forest – Engleberg:

Step into the center of the enchanted Black Forest that holds more secrets and beauty than you can ever imagine. Leaving Frankfurt on a path that meanders between thick forests, see the landscape enveloped in a blanket of thick treetops. Let us stop and appreciate the calm elegance of Titisee, a picturesque lake located in an emerald green forest. Enjoy the peacefulness of the place with the gentle murmur of the water as it lazes you. From there, you move to the mind-blowing Rhine Falls which is the largest waterfall in Europe. Here, you will watch millions of water volumes cascade down with an unimaginable force. Enjoy the fresh mountain air as you are treated to the view of mighty nature. Then, travel to Engelberg, a magical alpine village cradled in the Alps of Switzerland. It is in these untouched places, where the snowy mountains and breathtaking valleys abound, that you can find solace and regain strength, and set forth to the next segment of your adventure.

Day 7: Engleberg – Titlis Mt. – Zurich:

Undertake a journey of the lifetime to the top of Mount Titlis where the unforgettable experiences are offered for you. Get on the first revolving cable car in history and climb to the top, where there is nothing but the wide race of the Swiss Alps and you cannot see an end of it. Let yourself be fascinated by the world of ice and snow because you are going to discover the Ice Grotto, a glittering miniature paradise sculptured in the midst of the glacier body. Experience the adrenaline rush of the snow sled which is smooth on the snow or engage in a snowball fight with other friends and family members. Go from Mount Titlis’ summit and travel further to the city of Lucerne, which is a historic and cultural central. Take the story of this place, including the Lion Monument and medieval city walls, before heading towards the cultural and financial center of Switzerland, the city of Zurich. Here, between its charming avenues and ancient monuments, let Europe farewell as you ready yourself to embark upon your journey back home, bearing with you treasures etched in your memory forever.

Day 8: Zurich – The Great Journey Back:

After your European adventure is over, you will say goodbye to Zurich and wait for the transfer to the airport, for your flight back home. Think back to the incredible places you’ve visited, the moments that will live in your memory forever, and the lessons you have learned that will be evergreen. While you are getting on your flight, take with you the soul of the exploration and discovery that has powered your travels, knowing that the beautiful memories of your European adventure will survive always in your heart. Return with happiness and gratitude, all ready to relate your stories of adventure to the loved ones and to plan your next journey, no matter where it may take you.

Other Details

Explore fascinating cities as you wander through historical landmarks, scenic landscapes and cultural wonders. From the romantic streets of Paris to the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps, every destination promises an unforgettable experience. Soak in the rich fabric of European culture, indulge in delicious food and make memories that will last a lifetime. With expert guides and seamless logistics, our Europe tour package ensures an unparalleled experience, tailored to your preferences. Book your Europe tour package with Go Kite Tours today!

As you journey eastward, immerse yourself in the rich history and architectural wonders of Rome, where ancient ruins stand testament to the glory of the Roman Empire. Then, cross the Adriatic Sea to Croatia, where the medieval streets of Dubrovnik and the breathtaking beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park await. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Europe in a whole new way. Contact us today to book your Go Kite Tours Europe tour package and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Unleash your sense of adventure and let the winds of Europe carry you to new heights!

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