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France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its capital, is famed for its fashion houses, classical art museums including the Louvre and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is also renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman theater and the vast Palace of Versailles attest to its rich history.

The France Visit visa processing time from Mangalore can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa you’re applying for and the specific requirements of your application. Generally, it takes around 3 to 5 working days for standard tourist visas. However, it’s essential to note that processing times may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with the official consulate or visa processing center for the most up-to-date information. The France Tourist visa cost from Mangalore can vary depending on the type of visa and its duration

Visa Types


RateRs 7930/-
Processing TimeMinimum 15 working days
Stay Period90 days*
Validity180 days*
Entry TypeSingle/Multiple


RateRs 7930/-
Processing TimeMinimum 15 working days
Stay Period90 days*
Validity180 days*
Entry TypeSingle/Multiple

How to Apply for a France Tourist Visa From Mangalore

Are you planning a trip to France? If you are visiting France as a tourist from Mangalore, you must apply for and get a France Tourist Visa before entering the country. By following these easy procedures, you may receive your visa fast and simply.

France Tourist Visa

If you have an Mangalore passport and want to visit France, you must apply for a France tourist visa. The France tourist visa permits you to visit France for up to 90 days for leisure or business. Gathering the relevant papers, submitting your application, undergoing a visa interview (if required), and waiting for your visa to be processed are all part of the application process. To apply for a tourist visa to France from Mangalore, contact the French Embassy or Consulate in Mangalore and follow their instructions. You may explore the country’s rich culture, gorgeous landscapes, and renowned sites by getting a France tourist visa.

The steps involved in applying for a France tourist visa from Mangalore Explore France today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Gather Necessary Documentation.

Before you start applying for a visa, get all the documents you need for a visa. A valid passport, proof of itinerary, proof of sufficient funds for the length of stay and other documentation are required. Make sure you have all your documents to avoid unnecessary delays in the application process.

Step-2 Calculate the Required Fee and Pay It. 

To obtain your France Tourist Visa, first calculate the needed fee and pay it through bank transfer or credit card. The actual amount of the charge is determined on your circumstances and the nationality of your passport. Once you’ve paid the charge, keep a note of it in case you need it for future reference.

Step-3 Fill Out the Application Form Correctly.

It’s time to fill out the Tourist Visa application form after you’ve paid the requisite money. While filling out the form, make sure to be exact and honest—provide correct information, completely answer all of the questions, and don’t overlook any vital facts. If a section of the form does not apply to you, put “N/A” (not applicable) in that section. Keep in mind that any errors or discrepancies might result in the denial of your visa application, so use caution when filling out the form.

Step-4 Compile a Detailed Vacation Plan. 

A thorough holiday plan is required as part of the visa application procedure. This should include your vacation schedule, flight and hotel reservations, a list of destinations in France, and the approximate length of each stay. You should also show confirmation of enough financial resources for your travel by submitting bank statements or receipts for foreign currency exchange activities. This will assist you cover any expenditures that may occur during your stay in France.

Step-5 Book an Interview Slot with Embassy of France in Mangalore.

The next step in applying for a France Tourist Visa from Mangalore is to schedule an interview with the French Embassy in Mangalore. You may accomplish this on their website or in person at the embassy. During the interview, you will be asked about your travel intentions and how long you want to remain in France. Bring all relevant documents to the interview, including proof of income, valid travel documents, and lodging receipts.

Documents Required
  • Original passport with validity of 6 months and a minimum 3 blank pages
  • One visa application form
  • Two recent passport-size coloured photographs
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Registration receipt
  • Personal Covering letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Company Letterhead)
  • Personal ITR for last 3 years
  • Personal Bank Statement for the last six months
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation proof
  • Travel Insurance (minimum EUR 30000 coverage)

Let’s learn a bit more about France

France is a country located in Europe, it is known for its rich history, culture, food, and wine. The country has a population of around 67 million people and its capital is Paris. French is the official language of France and the currency used is the Euro. France has a diverse landscape that includes the Alps, the Pyrenees, and the Massif Central mountain ranges, as well as a large coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the English Channel. The country is also home to many famous tourist destinations, and landmarks. These include the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, and the French Riviera, which are just a few of the best places to visit in France.

If you are a foreign national who wants to travel to France for tourism purposes, you may need a France tourist visa to enter the country. The tourist visa allows you to stay in France for a limited period, typically up to 90 days within a 180-day period. The main reason why you need a France tourist visa is that France, like most countries, has its own immigration policies and regulations that govern the entry of foreign nationals into its territory. The visa application process is designed to ensure that only eligible individuals are allowed to enter France for tourism purposes and that they comply with the country’s immigration requirements.

Reasons to visit France 

Rich history and culture: France has a long and fascinating history, with a rich cultural heritage that includes art, architecture, music, and literature.

Beautiful landmarks: France is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, and the Notre Dame Cathedral, these are some of the best places to visit in France if you are planning on a family vacation.

Stunning natural beauty: From the French Alps to the French Riviera, France boasts a diverse range of natural beauty, including beaches, mountains, and countryside.

Delicious cuisine: French cuisine is renowned around the world for its delicious flavors, and France is home to many Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class chefs.

Wine and champagne: France is one of the world’s largest producers of wine and champagne, and there are many vineyards and wineries that offer tastings and tours.

Fashion and shopping: France is a fashion capital of the world, with many famous designers and fashion houses based in Paris. The country is also home to many markets, boutiques, and department stores, making it a great destination for shopping.

Festivals and events: France hosts a wide range of festivals and events throughout the year, from music and film festivals to sporting events and cultural celebrations.

Easy accessibility: France is well-connected to the rest of Europe and the world, with many international airports and high-speed trains that make it easy to travel around the country.

Friendly people: The French are known for their hospitality and friendly nature, making visitors feel welcome and at home.

Best places to visit in France

France is a country full of incredible sights, from world-famous landmarks to quaint towns and beautiful natural landscapes. Here are some of the best places to visit in France:

Paris: No visit to France is complete without a trip to Paris, the capital city and home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Champs-Elysées.

Nice: Located on the French Riviera, Nice is a beautiful city with stunning beaches, colorful markets, and charming Old Town.

Lyon: Lyon is a historic city known for its gastronomy and architecture, with highlights including the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière, the Vieux Lyon neighborhood, and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Bordeaux: The city of Bordeaux is renowned for its wine, with many vineyards and wineries in the surrounding area. The city itself is also home to beautiful architecture, including the Place de la Bourse and the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux.

Mont Saint-Michel: This iconic island commune in Normandy is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most stunning places to visit in France. The abbey, church, and narrow streets are all built into a steep granite outcrop, surrounded by sea.

Provence: This region in the south of France is known for its beautiful countryside, charming villages, and delicious food. Highlights include the lavender fields in Valensole, the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, and the beaches of the Côte d’Azur.

Versailles: The Palace of Versailles is a stunning example of French Baroque architecture, and its beautiful gardens are a sight to behold. It is located just outside Paris and is one of the best places to visit in France.

Dordogne: This region in southwest France is known for its stunning countryside, picturesque villages, and prehistoric cave art. The town of Sarlat and the Lascaux Caves are popular attractions.

Normandy: This region in northern France is home to beautiful beaches, historic towns, and the D-Day landing sites. Highlights include the town of Bayeux, the Mont-Saint-Michel, and the city of Rouen.


Overall, France offers a wealth of incredible sights and experiences, and these are just a few of the many top places to visit in this beautiful country. A visit to France is a journey filled with unforgettable experiences, from exploring the country’s rich history and culture to indulging in its delicious cuisine and wine. The stunning natural beauty, world-famous landmarks, and charming towns and villages make France a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world.

Whether you’re strolling through the streets of Paris, enjoying the beaches of the French Riviera, or tasting wine in the vineyards of Bordeaux, there is always something new and exciting to discover in France. The country’s friendly people, easy accessibility, and wide range of festivals and events make it a welcoming and vibrant destination for visitors of all ages and interests.

From the bustling city streets to the quiet countryside, a visit to France is a journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, there is always something new and exciting to discover in this beautiful and captivating country.

Go Kite Travel Makes France Visa from Mangalore Process Easier

Are you planning to visit France for business or pleasure purposes? If yes, Go Kite Travel can help you get France visit Visa from Mangalore in a hassle-free manner. We help you get the visa in no time. You just need to provide us with relevant documents like your original passport which must have a minimum of 6 months validity, France Visa appointment in Mangalore letter confirmation, online France Visa Application Form, 2 recent color photographs,

Supporting Documents as per your occupation or type of visit:
  • If the applicant is self-employed:
    • Business Registration License / GST / MOA / Partnership deed
    • Company’s updated bank statement of last 6 months
    • Company’s IT returns for last 3 years
  • If the applicant is employed in a firm:
    • Leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature
    • Last 3 months salary slip
  • If the applicant is a student:
    • Leave sanction letter, school ID card and NOC from school mentioning the dates of the trip
  • If the applicant is retired:
    • Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.
  • If the applicant is under 18:
    • Birth Certificate
    • No Objection Certificate from the parents / non-accompanying parent on Rs 100/- stamp paper
    • ID proof of parent
  • If visiting friend or relative & being sponsored:
    • Invitation letter legalized from the town hall
    • Inviter’s ID proof like Passport, Resident Permit
    • Financial proof such as bank statement
  • For Business visa
    • Invitation letter from the host Company includes the purpose of the trip, business details etc.
    • Covering letter from Mangalore company on company letterhead.
  • Covering letter and hotel confirmation will be provided by Go Kite, if the applicant requires.
  • Travel Insurance can be provided by Go Kite, if the applicant requires.
* Stay period and validity can be varied as per embassy discretion.

France Visa Fee payment receipt, income tax returns, personal covering letter, France Tourist visa price from Mangalore and supporting financial documents. We will organize and submit the documents with the application form. Our in-depth knowledge of the France Visa process helps us in helping our discerning clients with quick visa approval services.

Visit us at Go Kite Travel and share your queries or concerns with us, if any. We shall be happy to answer all your queries and provide you with relevant information about the process. This information shall help you understand our role in the process and how we can help in expediting the process. We understand the importance of time for you and we will take up the responsibility of getting your France Visa from Mangalore process completed faster than you imagined.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

Apply for France Tourist Visa from Mangalore:

To apply for a France tourist Visa from Mangalore you may contact our visa consultants from the Mangalore Office.

Frequently asked questions

The processing time for a France tourist visa can vary depending on the embassy or consulate where you apply. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

This is decided by the embassy or consulate you are applying to. Some jobs may require an interview and others may not.

The France tourist visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes.

With a tourist visa, you can prolong your stay in France, but you must request an extension before your current visa expires.

As long as you complete the qualifying conditions and follow the application process, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply for a France tourist visa. Repeated applications with no major modifications, on the other hand, may raise suspicions and reduce your chances of acceptance.


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