Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its capital, Budapest, is bisected by the Danube River. Its cityscape is studded with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill and grand neoclassical buildings along Pest’s Andrássy Avenue to the 19th-century Chain Bridge. Turkish and Roman influence on Hungarian culture includes the popularity of mineral spas, including at thermal Lake Hévíz.

Visa Types

 Are you planning to visit Hungary? you may need to apply for a Hungary visa from India beforehand. While the procedure may appear to be difficult, it does not have to be. With the right information and preparation, you can navigate the visa application process with ease and start planning your dream vacation to Hungary.

If you are an Indian citizen considering a tourist trip to Hungary, you will require a visa to enter the country. Hungary’s tourist visa is a short-term visa that allows you to stay up to 90 days within a 180-day period. You must submit the necessary papers and pay the cost to apply for a tourist visa to Hungary from India. The visa can be completed online or through the Hungarian embassy or consulate in India. It should be emphasized that having a visa does not guarantee admission into Hungary, and immigration officials at the point of entry have the last say on whether to admit or prohibit entry.

The steps involved in applying for a Hungary visit visa 

Step-1 Determine if you need a visa

The first step in applying for a Visa is to determine if you actually need one. Certain nations’ citizens are free from requiring a visa for stays of up to 90 days, while others may need to apply for one before their travel. Check the website of the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your country to discover if a visa is required and what the criteria are. It’s important to do this well in advance of your trip, as visa processing times can vary.

Step-2 Gather the required documents

Once you’ve concluded that you need a visa, the following step is to obtain all of the necessary documentation. A valid passport, a completed visa application form, a current passport-sized photo, proof of travel arrangements (such as aeroplane tickets and hotel bookings), proof of financial means to support your stay in Hungary, and travel medical insurance are often required. Check the precise criteria for your nation and visa type carefully, since they may differ. To minimise delays or rejections, make sure you have all of the relevant documentation available before submitting your application.

Step-3 Fill out the application form

The Hungary tourist visa application form is a crucial part in completing process. It is important to fill out the form accurately and completely to avoid delays or refusals. The form usually asks for personal information such as name, address, date of birth and passport details. You can also ask questions about travel plans, depending on the purpose of the visit and dates of stay. Read the instructions carefully and provide all the information requested. Make sure you thoroughly read the instructions and supply all necessary information. You may also be asked to provide additional documents in support of your application, invitation or bank statement. You can submit your application to the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your country after completing out the form and obtaining all of the relevant papers.

Step-4 Schedule an appointment at the embassy or consulate

After completing the filling of the  form  gather any necessary papers, you must schedule an appointment with the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your country. This is normally done over the phone or online. Make your appointment as far in advance as possible, as the embassy or consulate may have a large volume of visa applications and slots may fill up rapidly. Make sure to bring all essential paperwork to your appointment and arrive on time. At the time of your appointment, the embassy or consulate may additionally need you to pay a visa application fee. You will be instructed on the decision of your application and will be able to plan your trip to Hungary after it has been assessed.

Step-5 Attend the visa interview and wait for the decision

The next step is to attend the visa interview after booking an appointment with the Hungarian embassy or consulate. The embassy or consulate will use this time to ask you any further questions regarding your application and to verify your documentation. Arrive on time for the interview and dress accordingly. Be truthful and succinct in your responses during the interview. You will have to wait for approval on your visa application after the interview. This might take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the processing time of the embassy or consulate. You can begin organising your trip to Hungary after you have received a decision.

Documents required for Hungary visiting Visa


  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any;
  • Visa Application form;
  •  2 recent colour photographs
  •  Personal Covering letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Company Letterhead);
  •  Original updated Bank Statement (last 6 months);
  •  Income Tax Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years;
  •  Confirmed return flight tickets;
  •  Hotel reservation;
  •  Day wise Itinerary;
  •  Travel Insurance (minimum coverage of EUR 30000).

Kindly note: The Govt is very strict on the photograph requirement; please ensure that your photos are as per the specifications.

1. If Employed:

  •         Original Leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature;
  •         Last 3 months salary slip.

2. If Self Employed:

  •         Business Registration License / MOA / Partnership deed;
  •         Company’s updated bank statement of last 6 months;
  •         Company’s IT returns for last 3 years.

3. If Retired:

  •         Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.

4. If Student:

  •         School / College / Institute ID Card;
  •         Bonafide certificate.

5. If Minor:

  •         Birth Certificate;
  •         No Objection Certificate from the parents / non-accompanying parent on Rs 100/- stamp paper;
  •         ID proof of parent like passport or PAN card.

7. If Sponsored:

  •         Sponsorship letter;
  •         Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit;
  •         Updated bank statement of last 6 months.

6. If Visiting friend or relative:

  •         Invitation letter issued & endorsed by the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality or certified by public notary;
  •         Inviter’s ID proof like Passport, Resident Permit.

7. For Business Visa:

  •         Invitation letter from host Company stating purpose of trip, business details etc;
  •         Covering letter from Indian company on company letterhead.


  • Processing time – 10-15 days
  • Stay period – Upto 90 days
  • Validity – 6 months
  • Entry – Single/Multiple
  • Fees:

Let’s learn a bit more about Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked nation in the Carpathian Basin. The Tisza and the Danube, two of Hungary’s longest rivers, split the country into three regions. Hungary is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, and Budapest, the country’s capital, is ranked among the world’s most picturesque cities. Despite its modest size, the nation is home to multiple World Heritage Sites, UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, the second-biggest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévz), the largest natural grassland in Europe (Hortobágy) and the largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton).

Hungary is a fantastic travel destination for anyone looking for a variety of experiences since it has the ideal blend of modern centres with the best this century has to offer and broad countryside that transports you to a long-gone past. You need to apply for a Hungary  e-visa if you have an Indian passport and want to travel there. You can apply for a short stay visa if you’re interested in exploring Hungary.

Reasons to visit Hungary 

Fascinating history 

Even if you aren’t an expert on the subject, Hungarian history is fascinating. Despite the fact that each nation in Europe has its own distinctive traits, Hungary stands apart because its native tongue isn’t an Indo-European language. It’s intriguing to think about how contemporary Hungary came to be, including its modern language and modern culture.

Food and wine 

Wine enthusiasts should undoubtedly travel to Hungary to enjoy the country’s wide selection of excellent wines. There is a wide variety available, whether you prefer red or white. When we’re talking about food, Hungary has some truly exceptional cuisine. You’ll quickly develop an addiction to the filling soups and gulashes. Moreover, Hungarian sponge cake is unique. There is nothing else in the entire world that is as good!

Ease of transportation 

It’s quite simple to navigate. Hungary, like many other nations in central Europe, has a very effective public transportation system. Most visitors have no issue at all finding their way from point A to point B, whether they just wish to travel around Budapest or the entire nation.

Thermal bath

Hungary is well known for hot springs. The custom of visiting thermal baths is among the most well-known aspects of Hungarian culture. They can be found throughout the nation, not just in Budapest, thanks to the neighboring natural hot springs. Many visitors come to Hungary to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the thermal baths. They are supposedly beneficial for those with conditions including spinal disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other joint issues.


There are countless reasons to love Budapest. Budapest has a lot to offer, from the stunning architecture and intriguing museums to the general impression of a fantasy city. Budapest is also still not as well-known as other European cities like Rome and Paris, so there won’t be as many people to deal with while still seeing all the sites!

Safe and peaceful 

Generally, Hungary is a safe nation with warm people. Most visitors to Hungary prefer to rave about the welcoming residents. This may well be due to the fact that Budapest and other European towns don’t experience the same level of tourism as other parts of the continent. The natives haven’t grown sick of tourists yet!

Top places to visit in Hungary 

Buda Castle 

You’ll understand why Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is known as the “Paris of the East” when you first see the magnificent Buda Castle (Budavári Palota). When it comes to imposing proportions and wonderful architecture, this ancient landmark, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is right up there with Versailles in France.


Debrecen, regarded as the intellectual hub of the nation, is located in the heart of Hajd-Bihar County, on the Northern Great Plains of Hungary. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Hungary and is home to the renowned University of Debrecen. Despite being on a plain, Debrecen is filled with natural beauty and a serene atmosphere. It is the starting point for a trip to the Hortobagy National Park, and the area’s forested surrounds are home to numerous natural beauties.


Eger, which is in northern Hungary, is blessed with magnificently preserved baroque architecture. It is a treasure among tourist destinations in Hungary and offers a tonne of intriguing things to do and see. The town is impressive for its wonderful mediaeval feel, and the surrounding vineyards are beautiful. It is blessed with beautiful natural scenery and hilly environs, as well as a number of thermal spas that can help you relax in Mother Nature while soothing your sore muscles and body.


Szeged, which is situated on Hungary’s southern border, is referred to as the “City of Sunshine” because it experiences the majority of the country’s sunny days each year Additionally, Szeged is home to lovely outdoor areas and buildings that provide great architecture and a tranquil setting. It is a thriving city with a vibrant social life, stunning architectural wonders, and much to see and do to satisfy even the most demanding traveller.


Miskolc has a variety of recreational activities, artistic buildings, and a distinctive thermal cave bath. Miskolc is a city with tranquil beauty and a soothing environment that is located in the foothills of Hungary’s well-known Bükk Mountains. Visitors prefer staying in this charming city for a day or two to enjoy a natural getaway and rejuvenate themselves amidst magnificent surroundings.


It is a charming mediaeval village near the Austrian border.It is well-known for its eccentric theatre companies and Hungary Sopron wines. Sopron, which is surrounded by thick forests and situated at the base of the Alps, is undoubtedly a natural wonder. Its breathtaking natural beauty gives you a deep sense of vigour. The Scarbantia Ruins, which are located opposite to the Main Square in the Old Town, are a testament to the city’s illustrious past.


It’s no secret that Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of Europe’s most charming cities. Hungary is home to a plethora of breathtaking locations outside of Budapest, including quiet spa towns, untamed highlands, endearing Danube river outposts, ancient cities, and much more. Your attention will be captured by Hungary’s top tourist destinations, which range from breathtaking tiny villages to natural wonders like Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe.

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