Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The country has distinctive regions including Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and a German-speaking community to the east. The bilingual capital, Brussels, has ornate guildhalls at Grand-Place and elegant art-nouveau buildings

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How to Apply for a Belgium Visa

Belgium Visa

Belgium is a lovely European nation known for its cocoa, waffles, beer, and historical sites. If you intend to travel Belgium for tourist  reasons, you must register for a Belgium tourist visa from India. The Tourist Visa for Belgium permits visitors to  remain in the nation for up to 90 days. To file for the Belgium tourist visa for Indian, you must have a legitimate  passport, a trip itinerary, evidence of accommodation, proof of  adequate money, and a completed visa  application form. Depending on your  specific conditions, you may also be required to  provide extra documents. If your  application is accepted, you will be given a six-month  single-entry tourist visa to Belgium from India. You can  enter and leave Belgium as many times as you want during your visit as long as it is within the 90-day  period.

The steps involved in applying for a Belgium Visa Explore Belgium today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process


Step-1 Gather all necessary documents and information

Make sure you have all of the required papers and  information before beginning your Belgium visa application online. A valid  passport with at least six months remaining validity, a completed visa application form, a  recent passport-sized photograph, proof of travel  arrangements (such as flight tickets and hotel reservations), proof of financial means to support your trip, and any other documents required by the Belgian  embassy or consulate are all required. Before submitting your application, double-check the prerequisites and make sure all papers are in  order.

Step-2 Apply well in advance of your planned trip

It is critical that you register for your Belgium visit Visa from India well in advance of your journey. Visa application processing times can differ, so leave plenty of time for any possible delays or issues that may occur. It is best to apply at least four weeks before your intended departure date. Furthermore, arrange your visa appointment as soon as feasible, as appointment slots can fill up rapidly.

Step-3 Provide a detailed itinerary and proof of accommodation

Providing a comprehensive schedule and evidence of accommodation is one of the most essential aspects of a successful Belgium visit Visa application. This demonstrates to the embassy that you have a well-planned journey and have made preparations for your stay in Belgium. Your itinerary should detail your trip times, destinations, and activities. You should also provide evidence of lodging, such as motel bookings or a letter of introduction from a friend or family member who will be housing you. This will help to show that you have a specific reason for your journey and do not intend to overstay your visa.

Step-4 Show proof of financial stability and ties to India

Another essential aspect of obtaining a Belgium Visa from India  is showing your financial security and connections to India. Bank statements, proof of job or company ownership, and evidence of land ownership or other assets in India are all examples of acceptable documentation. The consulate wants to make sure you have enough money to get by during your journey and that you have a cause to return to India after your visit to Belgium. Including this information in your application can help to strengthen it and increase its possibilities of acceptance.

Step-5 Be honest and transparent in your Belgium visa application

It is critical to be truthful and open in your application for a vacation Belgium tourist visa from India. Any false information or misrepresentation in your application may result in it being denied or even barred from future submissions. Provide all required papers and information, and be prepared to answer any inquiries or provide additional proof if the embassy so requests. Being forthright and honest in your application can help to develop confidence with the embassy and improve your possibilities of approval.

Documents Required


  •         Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any;
  •         Visa Application form;
  •         2 recent colour photographs
  •         Personal Covering letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Company Letterhead);
  •         Original updated Bank Statement (last 6 months);
  •         Income Tax Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years;
  •         Confirmed return flight tickets;
  •         Hotel reservation;
  •         Day wise Itinerary;
  •         Travel Insurance (minimum coverage of EUR 30000).

Kindly note: The Govt is very strict on the photograph requirement; please ensure that your photos are as per the specifications.

1. If Employed:

  •         Original Leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature;
  •         Last 3 months salary slip.

2. If Self Employed:

  •         Business Registration License / MOA / Partnership deed;
  •         Company’s updated bank statement of last 6 months;
  •         Company’s IT returns for last 3 years.

3. If Retired:

  •         Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.

4. If Student

  •         School / College / Institute ID Card;
  •         Bonafide certificate.

5. If Minor

  •         Birth Certificate;
  •         No Objection Certificate from the parents / non-accompanying parent on Rs 100/- stamp paper;
  •         ID proof of parent like passport or PAN card.

6. If Sponsored

  •         Sponsorship letter;
  •         Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit;
  •         Updated bank statement of last 6 months.

7. If Visiting friend or relative

  •         Invitation letter / Original Guarantee letter legalized by the municipality if being sponsored;
  •         Inviter’s ID proof like Passport, Resident Permit;
  •         Family composition;
  •         Last 3 months salary slip or Income tax returns.

8. For Business Visa

  •         Invitation letter from host Company stating purpose of trip, business details etc;
  •         Covering letter from Indian company on company letterhead.


  • Processing time – 10-15 days
  • Stay period – Upto 90 days
  • Validity – 6 months
  • Entry – Single/Multiple


Apply for Belgium Visa:

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