Top 9 Best Places in Switzerland for Nature Lovers

Top 9 Best Places in Switzerland for Nature Lovers

Travelers who enjoy exploring the natural world and engaging in adventurous activities such as trekking will find Best places in Switzerland to be a great spot due to its stunning scenery. Switzerland, which is located on a portion of the continent that is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe, offers many chances for those who enjoy the outdoors to take in the scenery, which includes snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, crystal-clear lakes, and vibrant alpine meadows. Switzerland is a paradise for nature lovers.

Switzerland is not going to leave you dissatisfied whether you are a nature lovers, high mountains and mountain trails, or you want to ski. The most beautiful aspects of Switzerland may be seen in its most popular natural sites, which also provide plenty of chances to get up close and personal with the breath-taking scenery. Best places in Switzerland offers the greatest of natural beauty for those who value the works of nature, from the towering Alps to the serene waters of Lake Geneva.

Here are the Top 9 Best Places in Switzerland for Nature Lovers


1. The Matterhorn, Zermatt:


The Matterhorn, Zermatt

The Matterhorn which is one of the most recognized mountains globally is a recommended place for nature lovers. Standing close to the beautiful village of Zermatt, this impressive mountain is perfect for sightseeing and has many things to offer adventurers. Trek through the mountains on the various trails, get on a cable car to Gornergrat for the view, or just stand in awe of the Matterhorn. During winter, the region turns into one of the most popular skiing regions with well-maintained slopes for learners to the professionals.

2. Lauterbrunnen Valley:


Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley is another region in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, and it is famously referred to as the ‘Valley of 72 Waterfalls’ given the waterfalls that are found in the region. The valley has some of the most splendid waterfalls in Switzerland; Staubbach and Trümmelbach waterfalls are among the most popular ones that originate from the mountains. The tourist can go for hiking and cycling that will take them through beautiful villages and beautiful areas with an option to see the Alps. The valley is thus quite favourable to those who would prefer to have natural environment that is slightly isolated.

3. Lake Geneva:


Lake Geneva - Best Places in Switzerland

Lake Geneva is the largest and one of the most beautiful European lakes situated between Switzerland and France. It is located among the vineyards, beautiful small towns and the Alps and has many activities for lovers of nature. Ride a cycle along the coastal area, take a boat trip or hike to the Lavaux Vineyards which is a world heritage site. The water in the lake is clear, and that makes it a perfect place for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding especially during summer.

4. The Aletsch Glacier:


The Aletsch Glacier

Aletsch Glacier, the largest mountain in the Alps, is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This massive ice river, extending over 23 kilometres, provides lovely scenery and enjoyable strolls. For a glimpse of the glacier and mountains, you can ride the cable car or go on a glacier hike to Eggishorn. The Aletsch Glacier region is home to several alpine plant and wildlife species, drawing large crowds of visitors each year.

5. Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region:


Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region - Best Places in Switzerland

Interlaken is situated between two lakes Thun and Brienz and is the point where you start your trip to the wonderful Jungfrau area. This area can be safely called one of the most picturesque and suitable for recreation and sports lovers; here you can walk, fly a paraglider, and sail a boat. It has mountains like Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and great scenery and many tracks for hiking. The Jungfraujoch railway transports you to the ‘Top of Europe’ for splendid sceneries; the lakes and valleys are as stunning.

6. The Bernese Oberland:


The Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland is one of the most beautiful areas located in central Switzerland and one can really talk of mountains, valleys and even lakes. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Grindelwald village and the dominating Jungfraujoch are the main sites of interest. The region has many trails which guide the hikers to some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. In winter, it becomes the skiing, snowboarding, and all other forms of sporting activities that involve snow terrain preferred destination.

7. Swiss National Park, Zernez:


Swiss National Park, Zernez - Best Places in Switzerland

The Swiss National Park in the Engadine Valley was founded in 1914 and it is the first national park of Switzerland as well as a nature reserve. The park covers a total area of approximately 170 sq km and gives a total feel of the natural setting and plant and animal life. There are many sign-posted hiking trails for the visitors who want to move through forests, alpine meadows, and steep slopes. It is thus very evident that the park has a no-nonsense approach to the preservation of natural resources and thus, it would be a perfect park for anyone who would like to get a first-hand feel of nature.

8. Lake Lucerne:


Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is one of the largest and beautiful lakes in Switzerland which is like a fjord and is surrounded by mountains. Pretty towns like Lucerne and Weggis are situated near the lake so a tourist can always find a suitable accommodation for several days. One can take a boat ride on the lake or take a nature trail on Mount Rigi or Mount Pilatus or even take a ride in the historical cog wheel train. The area around the Lake Lucerne is also famous for thermal bathing resorts where one can just relax in the warm water.

9. The Engadine Valley:


The Engadine Valley - Best Places in Switzerland

The Engadine Valley is located in the eastern side of Switzerland and is well known for its stunning views and picture perfect villages. The valley is a good place to carry out adventure activities; you can go for hiking, mountain cycling, skiing as well as snowboarding among others. This area has wonderful resorts such as St. Moritz, a fine village at Sils and a fine lake at Lake Silvaplana. Engadine Valley is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, which unites the views of the mountains and the need to protect the people’s culture.



Switzerland can be described as a true heaven for the lovers of the nature, which provides a magnificent and rather vast variety of the scenes and opportunities throughout the country and all its territories. From the Matterhorn peak in Zermatt to the calm waters of the Lake Geneva, and the pure Aletsch Glacier, all the major nine locations mentioned here depict the best of the Swiss landscape.

If it is majestic mountains, crystal clear water of the lakes, or the serene valleys, Switzerland has everything to offer for every dreaming outdoor lover. Some of the areas include the Bernese Oberland, Interlaken, and the Engadine Valley where one is assured of adventure and calmness with beautiful hiking paths, railways, and beautiful villages. These places do not only present majestic views and adventure attractions but also reflect Switzerland’s conservation efforts of its natural assets.

Organization of the trip is not a problem with Switzerland tourist visa, so everybody can visit these beautiful places by getting Switzerland visa. If one is in search of thrilling experiences or simply looking for a quiet moment of solitude in the lap of nature, Switzerland’s best places for nature lovers are a must visit as they offer a wonderful experience of the beauty of the alps.

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