Things to Know Before Travelling to Japan for the First Time

Travelling to Japan

Japan is a country that possesses exotic charm and calls for the most unique trip ever. Many travelers have Japan in their list of dream destinations because of its enthralling mix of age-old customs blending perfectly with futuristic advancements. Welcome aboard as you set Before Travelling to Japan for the first time! Great things are in store for you. However, prior to stepping your foot on this magical island group, certain preparations should be made, considered and known. We will serve as a trusted navigator for you in this guide and provide insights, tips or even cultural small details that will make your journey truly memorable. If you are adventurer, culture lover or just simply foodie – Japan will have a lot to offer you! Are you thinking about to travel from India on Japan Tour Packages from India to enjoy your first incredible journey? Welcome to Japan and the taste of delicious food. Therefore, with each step we take as you are set for the trip of a lifetime; Let us reveal the unknown and show it the riches that Japan is wrapped up in secretly.

Some of the Things to Know Before Travelling to Japan for the First Time


Pick on budget and choice preference in Japan for accommodation. In cities like Tokyo and Kyoto you’ll find luxury hotels that have amazing views. The level of service also tends to be outstanding. For a more immersive experience try a traditional ryokan, where you’ll sleep on tatami mats, wear a yukata and soak up the Japanese style welcome.

Transportation Passes:

For visitors heading out to several cities in Japan making use of the vast JR train network, one cost effective option available is the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass). This is open-ended tour package travel. Nevertheless, remember that not all trains is served with the JR Pass, thus you ought to have a good map out of its routes.

Navigating Public Transportation:

Japanese public transport is highly efficient and punctual. However, the subway and train lines in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka may be quite elaborate with the presence of station attendants and English-marked signs to guide you around. For instance, try Hyperdia or Google Maps to help you chart out a journey’s path and discover optimal ways through.


However, tipping is not common in Japan. Tipping might even be regarded unethical because it could be understood as suggesting low quality of service. In response, offer a friendly smile, and a respectful bow.

Local Festivals and Events:

In any part of the year, Japan holds countless festivals and events celebrating cherry blossoms, traditional art, and more. Explore the colorful traditional festivals that take place in Japan while you are on visit there to gain an experience of its rich culture and its lively environment.

Travel Itinerary:

With this in mind, planning for your journey is important before Travelling to Japan. Check out the attractions you plan to visit, including their opening times, and reserve your entry tickets. It will assist you to by-pass queue lines, so as not to miss out on any of your desired objectives.

Local Cuisine Ways to act:

Tradition plays an important role in Japanese dining etiquette. One is expected to say “Itadakimasu” before eat-ing and “Gochisousama deshita” after eating in order to show appreciation towards the food. Do not insert your chopsticks straight upwards like this would be in burial rites.

Bathing in Onsen (Hot Springs):

One of the well-known features of Japan is its hot springs, onsen. An onsen has a special washing area where one is required to purify the body Before Travelling to Japan. Expect nakedness because the majority of communal baths are gender segregated.

Cash Withdrawals:

Credit cards work well in most of the big cities, but as one goes into the areas with a limited amount of urbanization it is usually advisable to have some cash handy because card use may be restricted Be mindful of the limited operating hours of Japanese ATMs and do not wait until rush hour for cash withdrawals.

Safety Measures During Natural Disasters:

Japan is situated in an area prone to seismic activity, which makes it subject to earthquakres and typhoons. Get familiar with safety procedures for natural disasters like “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” for earthquake preparedness and always check local weather forecast specially during typhoon season.

Language Apps:

The use of such apps helps translate or learn few language terms that maybe you come across while interacting with a resident in a tourist destination where most Japanese people only understand certain basic English. Such may help convey essential wants and queries

Shopping Tax Refunds:

For good quality and high-priced souvenirs, request a tax-free shopping form in a participating store when buying souvenirs. On such purchases at the airport you may get the cash backs of consumption taxes paid.

Cultural Sensitivity:

Culturally, this is imperative. Refrain from PDA while being aware of photography restrictions, particularly in religious places, follow local customs and practices for an enjoyable trip.

Wi-Fi Access:

On the other hands, most of the travelers need to stay connected while on their journeys, but Japan provides free Wi-Fi hotspots at popular tourist spots, train stations or any shop that is seen. Alternatively, one can rent portable Wi-Fi gadgets or buy local SIM cares at the airports for uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Emergency Contacts:

Always save the following numbers in your phone: local embassy/consulate number, police emergency line (dial 110), and emergency fire/medical assistance line (dial 119); plus the hotel’s phone number. For, as you know, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’.

This is the land of Japan, a country that mixes very old traditions with modernity, and provides an incredible journey in it. Knowing your way around visas, customs, do’s and don’ts and when best to explore; taking a breathtaking tour of Spring bloom and the Autumn leaves with its spectacular foliage, or simply enjoying historic temple, fascinating fabrics creating eternal memory and friendship.