Papua New Guinea’s 10 Most Beautiful and Recommended Tourist Spots

Tourist Spots

Papua New Guinea Located southwest of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, there are beautiful terrains and plenty of opportunities for you to soak up an enriching experience into its millennia-old rituals. Rugged mountains, colorful coral reef, landmarks and interactions with local tribes; a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the hidden treasure of Papua New Guinea not open to many. Dive into an amazing journey of the Papua New Guinea Tour Packages from India covering the best 10 Tourist Spots popular destinations in one go. We are delighted that a very special destination such as Papua New Guinea offers some of these magnificent and unique experiences, and we’re excited for you to take part in that journey of a lifetime.

These are Papua New Guinea’s 10 Most Beautiful and Recommended Tourist Spots

Kokoda Track:

Tourist Spots

The Kokoda Track is not only a walk, it’s a hike through history & nature. On the route, hikers will face thick jungles, stream crossings, and stunning mountain views. This is your chance to meet the locals and hear about their past and present; in particular the pivotal part that the track played during World War II.

Tufi Dive Resort:

Tourist Spots

This is your best bet if you’re looking forward to an isolated, serene, and luxurious diving experience! Right at its doorstep are some of the world’s most biologically diverse coral reefs. Divers can dive into the deep abyss of drop-offs, caves, walls full of marine life; while Snorkel lovers will find coral gardens near the coast for their joy.



Rabaul, although, its track record of volcanic eruption are numerous, possess an enchanting persona. There are also several bunkers in the hills around the city that were used by both soldiers during the war. Visitors can marvel at Mount Tavurvur’s explosive displays and venture through the fiery landscape that shapes our island.

Sepik River:

Sepik River

The Sepik River has been referred to as the “Amazon of Papua New Guinea” for good reason. It winds its way through lush tropical rainforest linking a great many remote villages that have their own language, traditions, and art. The Sepik River experience gives visitors a taste of traditional life styles, together with a close encounter to local talented woodcarving artists!

Mount Wilhelm:

Mount Wilhelm

Whenever I was writing about these women, I was in the company of other like-minded people and it felt like sitting around the campfire and recounting gory tales. Hiking enthusiasts can expect to go through small settlements set amongst tall trees, over rustic bridges spanning the forest floor, up steep mountain slopes, eventually reaching the top where the climactic pay-off happens with a stunning sunrise over surrounding rid



It’s a very calm place on the sea front with lovely aquatic scenery. Coral gardens in vibrant colors, sub-aqua caves, and encounters with open sea creatures like sharks are some of what awaits divers and snorkellers here. The city has various culture festivals like Madang Festival.

Milne Bay:

Milne Bay

With this many different types of fish swimming around you are sure to find something that suits your taste! Coral reefs are like underwater paintings that come alive with an array of fishes, squids, and crabs of all sort. If you’re keen on the local traditions, don’t miss the annual Canoe and Kundu festival.

Tari Valley:

Tari Valley

In the Tari valley, we’re not there just for the view—we are seeking out and absorbing culture as deeply as can be managed in any stretch of time at all. ! From witnessing traditional practices such as the dance of the Huli Wigmen who wear elaborate headgears made out of human hair, to interacting and staying with local communities.

Lake Kutubu:

Lake Kutubu

In the wild, he would never make this big move on his own – not without having had experience with humans first. Surrounding the beautiful lake are dense rainforests bursting with wildlife such as the incredible Raggiana bird-of-paradise and hornbills.

strong>Kitava Island: The tropical paradise of Kitava Island offers picture perfect white sand beaches, tranquil blue waters and laid back vibes. Visitors can enjoy beach combing, swimming, and snorkelling among other things for island living .

Lushly forested volcanic peaks rise up from the clear waters of hidden lagoons in a country that offers one of the Pacific’s last frontier destinations an authentic journey to a truly exotic island paradise. Here is an exciting offer to experience the top 10 Tourist Spots in Papua New Guinea through a Tour Package from India that covers the beautiful Kokoda Track, the colorful coral reefs in Milne Bay, intriguing Tari Valley and peaceful beach It’s a mixed nation like that where you can find out so many things that will end up giving you the trip of your life. Take this opportunity to dive into the wonderlands Tourist Spots of Papua New Guinea and memories for an entire life.