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Mongolia is a landlocked nation in East Asia, bordered to the south by China and to the north by Russia. Mongolia is famous for its wide, rough terrain, distinct culture, and nomadic lifestyle. Mongolia has several natural beauties to offer visitors, including the Gobi Desert, the Altai Mountains, and Lake Khövsgöl. Indian nationals must have a valid visa to enter Mongolia. A passport, visa application form, and trip itinerary must be sent to the nearest Mongolian embassy or consulate in Bangalore. Because processing delays might vary, it is best to apply for a Mongolian visa well in advance of your anticipated trip dates.

The Mongolia Visit visa processing time from Bangalore can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa you’re applying for and the specific requirements of your application. Generally, it takes around 3 to 5 working days for standard tourist visas. However, it’s essential to note that processing times may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with the official consulate or visa processing center for the most up-to-date information. The Mongolia Tourist visa cost from Bangalore can vary depending on the type of visa and its duration

How to Apply for a Mongolia tourist visa from Bangalore

You must get a visa in advance if you’re an Bangalore Citizen traveling to Mongolia. This guide offers all the important details on the Mongolia tourist visa for Bangalore application procedure, including needed paperwork, costs, and turnaround dates. Continue reading to guarantee a hassle-free trip.

Mongolia Tourist Visa

Every year, a lot  of people go to Mongolia since it is such an interesting  place. Prior to your journey, Bangalore traveller wishing  to travel to Mongolia must apply for a tourist  visa. Bangalore citizens  can easily get a Mongolia tourist visa through a simple  process. You will be  required to complete an application form and submit supporting documentation, such  as a passport that is  still valid for at least six months and evidence that you have enough money to cover your  stay. The typical processing  period for visas is 5 to 7 working days. It is  advised to apply for your visa far in advance of the dates you  want to travel in order to account for any unanticipated  delays. After receiving your  visa, you are free to explore Mongolia’s  stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unique  traditions.

The steps involved in applying for a Mongolia visit visa from Bangalore Explore Mongolia today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Determine if you need a visa

You will require a visa to  enter Mongolia if you’re an Bangalore citizen. There are several visa  options, including transit, business, and tourist  visas. Depending on why you’re  visiting, you’ll require a specific kind of  visa. To avoid any problems or  delays at the border, it’s crucial to submit the proper visa  application. On the  website of the Mongolian Embassy in Bangalore, you may find  information on visa requirements and the application  procedure.

Step-2 Gather the necessary documents

Make sure you have all the required  paperwork before applying for a visa to Mongolia. A valid  passport with at least six months of remaining  validity, a completed visa application  form, a current passport-sized photo, and evidence of  travel plans like tickets for a flight or hotel bookings are some  examples. You could also be required to  provide extra paperwork, such as a letter of  invitation or a certificate of company registration, depending  on the type of visa you’re asking  for. Before completing your  application, it’s crucial to thoroughly  understand the visa criteria and acquire all  the required  paperwork.

Step-3 Complete the visa application form

Completing the visa  application form is one of the most significant processes in  acquiring a Mongolian visa as an Bangalore citizen. This form may be  obtained from the Mongolian embassy or consulate on your country’s  website. Fill out the form  completely and properly, including all needed  information. Any errors or omissions may cause  your visa application to be delayed or even  denied. Once completed, send the form to the  embassy or consulate together with all required papers and  payments.

Step-4 Pay the visa fee

You will have to  pay a visa fee if you’re an Bangalore Citizen seeking for a visa  to Mongolia. Depending on the  type of visa you’re applying for and how  long you want to remain in Mongolia, the cost amount may  change. On the website of the Mongolian embassy  or consulate in your country, you may see the fee  amount. Make sure you pay the  charge using the approved payment methods and the approved  currencies. Even if your request for a visa is  rejected, keep in mind that the visa cost is not  refundable.

Step-5 Submit your application and wait for approval

You can submit your  application to the Mongolian embassy or consulate in your  country once you have finished your visa  application and acquired all required  documentation. Verify again that all of the  information on your application is true and  current. You must wait for  approval after submitting your  application. It is advised to  apply well in advance of your intended trip  dates because the processing period for a Mongolian visa might  vary. Once your visa has  been approved, you may  pick up your visa at the embassy or consulate in person or by  mail.

Documents Required

  • Applicant’s passport valid for at least 6 months after the intended exit date.
  • 2 copies of the visa application form, thoroughly filled out and dated, bearing applicant’s signature.
  • 1 original passport size, front view, white background and recently-taken photograph.
  • Reference letter from your company/organization/counterpart in Mongolia. The letter can be an invitation of the receiving entity (government, non-governmental organization, business entity) or an official request from the sending organization or company.
  • To obtain multiple/entry visas, you are required to have a permit from the Office of Naturalization and Immigration Services of Mongolia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Mongolia. Your partners in Mongolia can assist you with the acquisition of this permit.

Let’s Learn a Bit More About Mongolia

Mongolia, a country surrounded by China and Russia, is well-known for its large, crowded, and rocky plains that support nomadic lifestyle and heritage. Mongolia is renowned for preserving its extraordinarily rich culture and customs, but it also offers examples of more modern approaches. Mongolia is known for its vast and varied landscape, ranging from the Gobi Desert in the south to the Altai Mountains in the west. The country is also home to many important historical and cultural sites, including the ancient city of Karakorum and the Erdene Zuu Monastery, which are reminders of the country’s past as a center of the Mongol Empire. Travellers looking for a glimpse into different civilizations will find Mongolia, with its arid scenery, to be the ideal tourist destination. The traditional way of life for many Mongolians involves living in yurts or gers, which are portable round tents made of felt and canvas, and moving with their herds of livestock to find pasture. However, a Mongolia tourist visa from Bangalore is necessary to ensure a safe and peaceful visit to the nation. By obtaining a Mongolia tourist visa from Bangalore, you comply with the immigration regulations of Mongolia and demonstrate your commitment to abide by the laws and regulations of the country during your stay. It also provides you with legal protection and allows you to enjoy your visit to Mongolia without any complications.

Reasons to visit Mongolia

Staying in the Ger with local nomadic families

The majority of tourists enjoy spending time with local families and learning about other cultures while they are staying with them, which is the main incentive for visiting Mongolia.

Visiting the Naadam Festival in Mongolia

The Mongolian Naadam Festival celebrates the Mongols’ identity in the world following Chinggis Khaan’s conquest. The Mongolian Naadam Festival is listed as the only must-see attraction for tourists in July in the book “Travel,” published by DK. What makes this festival so alluring to both locals and tourists? The one and only “National Pride” festival, Naadam, is a distinguished celebration of a country’s independence and an exceptional fusion of the arts and sports. It is a sophisticated and elegant expression of nomadic culture.

The Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia and Eagle Hunters


 Both domestic and international tourists, as well as photographers, find the Golden Eagle Festival to be an exciting and cultural attraction. It is more than just a holiday; it is also an ancient hunting custom and a part of the Kazakh minority’s distinctive cultural heritage in Mongolia. The Golden Eagle Festival, one of the must-attend events in Asia, especially in Mongolia, is the answer if you’re looking for a compelling reason to visit that country.

A sense of isolation in the vast emptiness

Mongolia is a less populated region of the world. One of the most singular experiences that we can only have in Mongolia is the feeling of being the only person in a vast, empty space. In a nation that is almost the size of Alaska, Mongolia has about three million residents, or less than two people per square kilometre. Mongolia, the least populated country on earth, according to National Geographic, is one of the best places to visit for nature lovers.

The Mongolian Gobi is a must-see destination on earth

One of the top tourist destinations on earth is the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. For many years, explorers, palaeontologists, tourists, and photographers have been drawn to this exotic desert. The Mongolian Gobi is renowned for its iconic natural formations, dinosaur fossils, wildlife, birds, and nomads who ply their trade in camel-herding. Excellent desert activities and advice are available in the Mongolian Gobi to make your trip there memorable and worthwhile.

Top places to visit Mongolia

Gobi Desert

The endless dunes, prehistoric rock formations, and barren desert that stretch out in front of you make the Gobi Desert an exciting place to explore. There are a tonne of breathtaking natural attractions, including jagged cliffs, deep canyons, and vast caverns, as well as charming desert oases and saltwater rivers. The singing sand dunes of Khongor and the breathtaking scenery of Yolyn Am and Dungeneegyn are the main draws, but if you stay on the path, it’s impossible to get lost in the desert.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Mongolia is Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Impressive valleys, raging rivers, and jagged rock formations make up its alpine landscape. You can try out a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, and river rafting. The experience of riding through the magnificent scenery on horseback is unforgettable. Due to its popularity and proximity to Ulaanbaatar, the park can get crowded, but the majority of its striking landscapes are still unspoiled and unexplored. In addition, there are hot springs, glacial lakes, and a Buddhist monastery. The natural paradise of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is just begging to be discovered.

Hustai National Park

Hustai National Park, which is not far from Ulaanbaatar, is a great place to go if you want to see the famed Mongolian steppe, and the lovely Khentii Mountains add some variety to the scenery. It is a true pleasure to travel through the national park as you pass small herds of wild horses moving across the steppe with nothing else in sight but distant, faint mountains. It’s mind-boggling how big the empty space is. Even though it’s delightful to take in the breathtaking scenery at your leisure, there is always a small sense of relief when you finally come across a small group of yurts.

Khovsgol Lake

One of Mongolia’s largest lakes, Khövsgöl Lake, is known as “the younger sister” because of its close proximity to Lake Baikal. It was formed more than two million years ago, is surrounded by a national park of the same name, and contains nearly 70% of the nation’s freshwater. In addition to breathtaking views of the lake and its dramatic landscapes, the national park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including ibex, elk, and brown bears.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

A sizable area of land called Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is situated in Mongolia’s westernmost region. The Tavan Bogd Mountains and three sizable freshwater lakes are among its most breathtaking natural features. Due to its remoteness, the area has a feeling of being very untouched and unspoiled, with lots of wonderful fauna and flora to discover. The park offers many Kazakh and Tuvan families to visit or stay with, making it a great place to learn more about and appreciate nomad life.


Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s capital and its cultural, administrative, and commercial heart. It is located in the Valley of the Golden Cradle, at the point where the Selbe and Tuul Rivers meet. The city is a mix of urban and nomadic lifestyles, with Soviet-era buildings and modern monstrosities. There are some enchanting old monasteries, such as Choijin Lama and Gandantegchinlen, and yurts. Ulaanbaatar is also home to museums and art galleries, such as the Bogd Khan Winter Palace and the Mongolia National Modert Art Gallery.

Genghis Khan Statue Complex

The Genghis Khan Statue Complex is a giant statue of Genghis Khan atop his horse, built in 2008 to honour the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Mongol Empire. It is located 50 kilometres outside of Ulaanbaatar and features souvenir shops, a restaurant, and an archaeological museum. From the top of the horse’s head, visitors can enjoy amazing views of the surrounding countryside and a close-up view of Genghis Khan gazing out towards the horizon.

Orkhon Valley

The sacred mountain-forest of Otuken, located in Mongolia’s Orkhon Valley, is thought to be the location where the ancestor spirits once lived. Every Turkic state depended on owning the location because it gave the ruler the divine right to rule on Earth. The valley is home to many fascinating historical sites and cultural landmarks, such as the Orkhon monuments, Tuvkhun Hermitage, Karakorum Ruins, and Erdene Zuu Monastery. It is a spiritual experience to travel through the desolate areas surrounding the valley, where the only other creatures are herds of horses and livestock.

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