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Travelers from Mumbai have the option of Picking from amongst a variety of Jordan Holiday packages from Mumbai specially designed to fit their likes, whether it’s an unhurried tour of the popular landmarks such as Petra and the Dead Sea or an exciting trek through the picturesque Wadi Rum trails. By offering handcrafted trips beginning in the colorful markets of Amman, and then deciding on how deep into the desert one desires to go, every package promises a unique trip that keeps its profound features of Jordanian diversity.

No matter whether it is having a sightseeing tour on the ancient buildings of Petra rise by our eyes, or relaxing in the paradisiacal waters of the Dead Sea where drifting sounds appealing, or on getting the warmest and most welcoming hospitality of the Bedouin people in Wadi Rum, Jordan tour packages from Mumbai offers an opportunity for the discovery of completely different civilization with time. With the mixture of the past, nature and real actions the Jordan tours is a lifetime trip inviting the Mumbai people to top their travel list.

The travelers who go for Mumbai to Jordan Holiday packages can relax and leave all the details to the experts they trust. In other words, they can just focus on what they deserve: their Egypt adventure. An array of services such as accommodation, transport as well as guided tours is carefully arranged to guarantee an uninterrupted travel, thus giving the travelers liberty to soak in the elements of Jordan – the sounds, sights and the smells.

Whether one marvels at the ancient architecture of Petra, or floats weightlessly in the water of the Dead Sea, enveloped by it’s buoyancy, or savors the warm humane of the Bedouins in Wadi Rum, these Jordan packages from Mumbai break the barrier created by time and age. The combination of history, nature and the authentic experiences comprise Jordan and this brings the travelers right out of India and a lifetime adventure.

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