Haunted Places Gives You CHILLS?

The thought of jumping off an aeroplane to experience free fall sound dumb to you. Ohh, say how about a spooky  Haunted places, where ghost sighting and paranormal activities are a common occurrence. If this gives you the chills to know further on it, then travel to know them first hand. On a further note, do respect the warnings the authorities have for you for your safeties when travelling.

Here is a pick of our top 5 haunted places to travel to

Bhangarh Fort – Haunted Places

Bhangarh Fort situated in Rajasthan India was once a flourishing state. A dark magician was enamoured by the beautiful princess, and tricked her into falling in love with him by performing dark arts on an oil she was supposed to use. The princess saw through his trick and poured the oil over a rock which then chased and crushed the dark magician. The dying mage has cursed the entire city and the princess, who later lost her life amidst a war.

Note: The Archaeological department of India has prohibited entering the grounds after hours and before sunrise

There is another myth behind the collapse of Bhangarh Fort, which met its demise as its shadows fell on the retreat of a saint’s retreat who specifically asked the King on to ensure that no shadow of the palace should befall on his retreat.

The Island of The Dolls

The Island of The Dolls in Mexico City is bound to give you the chills. The story goes so that the caretaker of the island found a drowned girl in mysterious circumstances and later found a doll which is believed to be the girl’s near to where he found her. To show respect to her, he hung the doll in a tree nearby. But later on, something compelled him to find even more toys for the little girl and hung them to the trees. Later on, the old caretaker was found drowned in the same spot where he found the girl’s body. According to legends, you can hear the dolls whispering among themselves if you were to visit there.

Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Forest is a beautiful and lush forest on the northwestern flank of Japan’s Mount Fuji. The forest grows on the hardened lava from a major eruption from Mount Fuji in 864 AD. The lush forest now ranks as one of the most popular suicide points of the world. The forest is also known as suicide forest (yup, we understand why!) and Aokigahara means Sea of trees (thankfully nothing creepy there)


Casa Loma

Casa Loma is known for its Gothic architecture that has been an attraction for tourists from all around the world. The structure was commissioned by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, who later went bankrupt which is closely related to the construction of this 98 room mansion that cost him $17 million. The mansion is now a popular destination and holds an immersive theatrical experience, legends of horror every Halloween.

Catacombs of Paris

6 million-plus remains of the dead adorn the Catacombs of Paris. A place that can give chills to any man, as one sees the well-arranged skeletal remains of the dead piled over. A part of the Catacombs is open to tourists, whereas a larger part of it is not accessible. Words nor logic can describe the ossuary where skeletal remains are a part of the catacombs itself. Constructed during the late eighteenth century as the overflowing cemeteries became a threat to public health, the decision was taken to transfer the remains to an underground site.

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