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Ghana is a dynamic and varied West African country recognized for its friendly people, rich culture, and natural beauty. Ghana, with its lively cities, verdant rainforests, and stunning beaches, provides travelers with a diverse range of experiences. The bustling marketplaces of Accra, the medieval castles of Cape Coast, and the magnificent waterfalls of the Volta Region are among the country’s main attractions. Delhi people must get a Ghana Tourist Visa from the nearest Ghanaian embassy or consulate in order to visit Ghana as a tourist. Filling out an application form, giving supporting papers, and paying the relevant costs are typical steps in the visa application process.

The Ghana visit visa processing time from Delhi can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa you’re applying for and the specific requirements of your application. Generally, it takes around 3 to 5 working days for standard tourist visas. However, it’s essential to note that processing times may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with the official consulate or visa processing center for the most up-to-date information. The Ghana Tourist visa cost from Delhi can vary depending on the type of visa and its duration

Visa Types


RateContact Us
Processing Time 
Stay Period60 Days
Validity90 Days
Entry TypeSingle


RateContact Us
Processing Time 
Stay Period60 Days
Validity180 Days
Entry TypeMultiple


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Processing Time 
Stay Period60 Days
Validity365 Days
Entry TypeMultiple


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Processing Time 
Stay Period60 Days
Validity90 Days
Entry TypeSingle


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Processing Time 
Stay Period60 Days
Validity180 Days
Entry TypeMultiple

How to Apply for a Ghana Tourist Visa from Delhi

If you are an Delhi citizen  wishing to visit Ghana, you must first get  a visa. The application  procedure for a Ghana visa from Delhi may  appear difficult, but with the appropriate knowledge and  advice, it can be a simple and  stress-free experience. Here’s what you  should know.

Ghana Tourist Visa

Ghana is a country  in West Africa that is rich in history, culture, and natural  beauty. If you are an Delhi citizen  and want to visit Ghana for  tourism, you must apply for  a Ghana tourist visa from Delhi. The Ghana tourist visa from Delhi is a sort of travel  permit that allows Delhi nationals  to visit Ghana for tourism and leisure purposes. The visa application procedure is  simple and may be done  online. Certain papers, such as a valid  passport, a passport-sized picture, and a trip  itinerary, will be required. If your application is  granted, you will be given a single-entry visa good for up  to 30 days. It should be  noted that the Ghana tourist visa cannot  be extended beyond 30 days, so plan your itinerary  accordingly.

The steps involved in applying for a Ghana visit visa from Delhi Explore Ghana today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Determine the type of visa you need

Before you begin the  application process, you must first establish the  type of visa you require for your trip  to Ghana. Tourist visas from Delhi, business  visas, student visas, and other sorts of visas  are all available. Each visa type has its  own set of requirements and  application process, so be sure you get the proper one for  your purposes. The Ghana High Commission  website has further information on the various types  of visas.

Step-2 Gather all necessary documents

Once you’ve decided  on the sort of visa you want, you’ll need to assemble all of the essential  paperwork for your application. This may contain  your passport, passport-sized pictures, evidence of travel  arrangements, proof of lodging, and, if you are visiting  someone in Ghana, a letter of  invitation. Check the Ghana High Commission  website for the particular criteria for your  selected visa category and gather all relevant papers  before beginning your application. It’s also  worth noting that all papers must be written in English or be formally  translated into English.

Step-3 Fill out the visa application form

It’s time to fill out the visa application form after obtaining all of the essential documentation. The application form is available on the Ghana High Commission’s website. Fill out all of the relevant fields completely and properly. Incomplete or erroneous information may cause your application to be delayed or even denied. Print and sign the form once you’ve finished it. Remember to sign any other relevant paperwork, such as the invitation letter. You are now ready to submit your application with all of your documentation in order.

Step-4 Pay the visa fee

The next step is to pay the visa cost after completing the visa application form and obtaining all required papers. The cost can be paid online via the Ghana High Commission’s website, or in person at the authorized payment facility. Maintain the payment receipt as proof of payment. The visa charge fluctuates based on the kind of visa and the length of stay, so check the current pricing schedule before completing your payment. After you have paid the cost, you may submit your application and await a decision from the Ghana High Commission.

Step-5 Submit your application and wait for processing

You can submit your  application to the Ghana High Commission after  paying the visa cost. Depending on the instructions  supplied by the High Commission, you can do this in person  or by mail. Include all  essential documentation, as  well as the payment receipt, with your  application. The processing period  for a Ghana visa varies, so apply well in  advance of your intended travel  dates. The High Commission  will notify you once your application has been  processed. If you are  accepted, you may pick up your visa and  begin arranging your vacation  to Ghana!

Documents Required

  • Applicant’s passport valid for at least 6 months after the intended exit date.
  • 4 copies of the visa application form, thoroughly filled out and dated, bearing applicant’s signature.
  • 4 original passport size, front view, white background and recently-taken photographs.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate.
  • A business invitation letter stating the reason for your travel and confirming your stay in the country. You also require 2 business associate references from Ghana. The references should state the names and addresses of the associates and their companies in Ghana. A hotel may be used only as a second reference.
  • Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
  • If the applicant is staying for less than 24 hours in the Transit Area of the international airport, no visa will be required, but he/she must be carrying a signed passport and ticket(s) indicating onward travel.

Let’s Learn a Bit More About Ghana

Ghana is a nation located in West Africa and is bordered by Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Guinea. Formerly the Gold Coast, Ghana became the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to renounce colonial control in 1957 after gaining its independence from Britain. Ghana, which enjoys a long, beautiful coastline, can lay claim to some of the most well-known and beautiful beaches in the world, like the Busua and Dixcove. There are a few spas in the region, but lying on the beaches is one of the finest ways to unwind. You can go to a variety of beaches where you can sunbathe, relax with a book in hand, or even plan a picnic for your family. There are numerous other attractions to captivate you. You can tour a variety of abandoned European forts that resemble the refuge for African slaves, such Cape Coast Castle. The best places to experience nature in the area are the national parks. You may explore the rain woods here while taking in the scenery. If you are an Delhi citizen planning to visit Ghana as a tourist, you will need to obtain a Ghana tourist visa from Delhi before your departure. It is advisable to apply for your Ghana tourist visa from Delhi well in advance of your intended travel dates to allow for sufficient processing time. Also, make sure to check for any additional requirements or updated information on the official website of the Ghana High Commission in Delhi.

Reasons to visit Ghana 

Tranquil nation

Perhaps the only nation in Africa with a long history of stable democracy and a booming economy is Ghana. As a result, the region is a secure all-weather travel location. The nation is quite accommodating to travellers, with low crime rates, and no insurgency. There is a sense of tranquilly in the nation even during elections!

A long history

There are many interesting historical sites and museums to tour in Ghana. It is advised to stop in Cape Coast if you wish to make this your main destination. Here are two castle museums that were waypoints on the trans-Atlantic slave trade: Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. A tour of these strongholds will enlighten you about past as you are shown slave ships, dungeons, old cannons, and secret chambers while hearing tales from the past, even though it could be unpleasant to think about. There are also other forts, including Fort Victoria and Fort William, which served as lookout points to guard the city against Ashanti assaults in the nineteenth century.


No matter your financial situation, it’s always great to save money, especially while taking a trip abroad. However, nothing is ever free in Ghana; even using a porta-potty costs money. For the same things, you will nearly always pay less than you would at home. For instance, a trip on the neighbourhood bus (tro-tro) will cost less than 100 rupees, and a dorm bed will cost around 500 rupees.

Welcoming locals

Ghanaians are unquestionably the most generous people you will ever meet. Whatever your identity, location, or activity may be, the locals are interested in chatting with you. If you were jogging at six in the morning, locals would stop their cars or emerge from their market stalls to talk to you. Keep in mind that in Ghana, greetings are crucial. Be polite and give the locals their customary wave in return. You’ll regularly hear the word “Obroni” (foreigner), which is used to yell at visitors. The locals are merely trying to get to know you, even though this may seem offensive at first.


Ghana has some beautiful beaches, and in addition to enjoying the sunshine, there are frequently native musicians, drummers, and artists who bring a cultural flair to the typically sluggish experience. Talking with the artists as well as listening to the fishermen sing as they brought in their catch, will be enjoyable. Ghana’s beaches offer a peaceful and lovely escape from the busier city streets even when these unique residents aren’t there.

Food setting

When visiting another country, you will almost always find ethnic cuisine, but there is often a similarity in the ingredients to what you are accustomed to eating at home. However, you will be unfamiliar with a number of Ghanaian cuisines, including the root-based meals fu-fu, banku, and kenkey. Additionally, a lot of their soups have a rich and fiery peanut base that you will quickly come to adore.

Arts and crafts

Woodcarvings, ceramics, woven textiles, beads, and woven clothing are all widely used in Ghanaian culture. You’ll surely notice some symbols and images that emerge frequently as you browse the paintings. Through these images, you can discover a lot about cultural concepts and attitudes. Additionally, there are numerous statues and carved masks, each with a distinct meaning.

Top places to visit in Ghana 

Kakum National Park 

Kakum National Park, which is revered as the park of the country, is a place that any traveller should visit. It is 145 square metres in size and is situated on the shore of Ghana’s southernmost region, more precisely the Central Region of Ghana. Additionally, the park is home to a large number of threatened species, particularly mammals like elephants and antelopes. A canopy walk that is suspended approximately 30 metres above the ground is also present in the park. If you’re experiencing the canopy walk for the first time, it can be a little frightening at times, but if you have an adventurous spirit, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can admire the surrounding nature and get a perspective above the trees.

Boti Falls 

Waterfalls constantly draw visitors from all across the nation and the world, and Boti Falls is no exception. A historical Ghanaian site can be found 17 kilometres northeast of Koforidua in the Eastern Region. Ghana’s Boti Falls are a crucial component. The legend says that a male and a female represent the upper and lower falls of Boti Falls, respectively. The locals think that the two falls are mating because of the increased water flow from the falls, so they hold a mating ceremony. A rainbow frequently appears when water is splashed continuously throughout the ritual.

Lake Volta 

The Volta Region has a number of tourist destinations, including mountains, waterfalls, and lakes, but it has the fewest visitors overall. This region is home to Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake in the world. The entire country is encircled by Lake Volta, which has an area of 8,502 square kilometres. The noticeable lake, which is used for transportation, is contained by the Akosombo Dam. It also generates electricity for Ghana’s people. At Volta Lake, you can relax and let stress go because of the serene surroundings.

Aburi Botanical Garden 

Being in Africa, Ghana benefits from a warmer climate, thereby making Aburi Botanical Garden the country’s most beautiful attraction. The gardens are situated near the town of Aburi, from which it gets its name, which is roughly 30 kilometres north of Accra in Ghana’s Eastern Region. In March 1890, they were formally inaugurated. The gardens cover 160 acres, of which 157 are set aside for special purposes and 3 are used to build the most basic infrastructure. You can release any tension you may be feeling by going on a relaxing excursion, such as a trip to the Aburi Gardens.

Labadi Beach 

One of the busiest beaches along Ghana’s coast, Labadi Beach, also known as La Pleasure Beach among Ghanaians, is maintained by the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and Labadi Beach Hotel. It can be the ideal place for you to unwind if you’re in Accra on a business trip and searching for some leisurely activities to do in Ghana. On the weekends, a large number of people congregate at the beach to have fun while playing games, riding horses, and dancing to loud music. Weekdays are the greatest time to unwind at Labadi Beach if you want peace and quiet.

Wli Waterfalls 

>A waterfall is the ideal landmark to see when looking for a quiet place to visit for a pleasant, relaxing time. The Agumatsa Falls, also known as the Wli Waterfalls, are in Ghana’s Volta Region, which is accessible by car from Accra in about 5 hours. Wli Falls is one of Ghana’s most picturesque locations and the tallest waterfall in both Ghana and West Africa. It is a well-liked tourist destination. There are many activities that you can do when you visit the Wli Waterfalls. You might choose to relax by going swimming or by observing the flow of the falls, for example.

Lake Bosomtwe 

There are numerous tourist attractions in Ghana’s Ashanti Region that draw thousands of tourists from abroad. The sole naturally occurring lake in Ghana is Lake Bosomtwe, which is located in Kumasi, the region’s capital. The lake is 49 square kilometres in size and between 70 and 74 metres deep. The lake is surrounded by mountains and provides a habitat for several fish species. According to a legend, the lake was formed when a meteorite struck the town.


Overall, visiting Ghana is an enriching and memorable experience that offers a unique blend of cultural, historical, and natural wonders. From vibrant cities to stunning landscapes and warm hospitality, Ghana has something to offer for every traveler. One of the highlights of visiting Ghana is the rich cultural heritage. The country is known for its diverse ethnic groups, each with its own traditions, music, dance, and art. Exploring the bustling markets, attending traditional festivals, and engaging with the locals provide a deep insight into the Ghanaian way of life. Ghana’s historical sites also offer a fascinating journey into the past. From the slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina to the ancient trading posts of the Ashanti Kingdom, there are numerous landmarks that tell the story of Ghana’s history. These sites provide a somber reminder of the transatlantic slave trade while also highlighting the resilience and strength of the Ghanaian people. For nature enthusiasts, Ghana’s landscapes are truly breathtaking. From the stunning beaches of the Atlantic coast to the lush rainforests of Kakum National Park and the wildlife-rich savannahs of Mole National Park, the country offers a diverse range of natural attractions. Exploring these areas allows visitors to encounter unique wildlife, embark on thrilling adventures, and soak in the beauty of Ghana’s natural wonders.

Additionally, Ghana is renowned for its warm and welcoming people. Ghanaians are known for their hospitality and friendliness, ensuring that visitors feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay. Engaging with the locals, sampling traditional cuisine, and participating in community activities provide an authentic and immersive experience.

In summary, a visit to Ghana promises an unforgettable journey filled with cultural immersion, historical exploration, and natural beauty. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant cities, historical landmarks, or stunning landscapes, Ghana offers a wealth of experiences that will leave a lasting impression

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Apply for Ghana Tourist Visa from Delhi:

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Frequently asked questions

A Ghana tourist visa is valid for a maximum of 3 months from the date of issue and allows a single entry into Ghana.

No, Ghana does not offer visas on arrival for tourists. All visas must be obtained prior to arrival.

The processing time for a Ghana tourist visa can vary depending on the embassy or consulate where the application is submitted. It is recommended to apply at least 4 weeks in advance.

Yes, it is possible to extend your Ghana tourist visa while in Ghana by visiting the Ghana Immigration Service office.

Indian citizens can stay in Ghana for a maximum of 30 days with a tourist visa.


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