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Bahrain is a tiny island nation in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. It is well-known for its long past, cultural legacy, and contemporary architecture. Due to its sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and numerous sites such as the Bahrain Fort, Al Fateh Grand Mosque, and the Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain has become a popular tourism location. Thrissur citizens who want to travel Bahrain for leisure can file for a Bahrain Tourist Visa For Thrissur. The visa application procedure is reasonably simple, and applicants must provide the required papers in order to receive their visa.

The Bahrain Visit visa processing time from Thrissur can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa you’re applying for and the specific requirements of your application. Generally, it takes around 3 to 5 working days for standard tourist visas. However, it’s essential to note that processing times may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with the official consulate or visa processing center for the most up-to-date information. The Bahrain Tourist visa cost from Thrissur can vary depending on the type of visa and its duration

Visa Types


RateRs 12000/-
Processing Time15-20 working days
Stay Period14 days
Validity30 days
Entry TypeSingle


RateRs 22000/-
Processing Time15-20 working days
Stay Period30 days
Validity30 days
Entry TypeSingle

How to Apply for a Bahrain tourist visa from Thrissur

If you are an Thrissur citizen intending to travel Bahrain for tourism, you will need to acquire a tourist passport. The procedure may appear intimidating, but with  the proper information and guidance, it can be a  simple and straightforward experience. Here is a step-by-step guidance to assist you in getting a Bahrain tourist visa for Thrissur.

Bahrain Tourist Visa

Bahrain is a tiny but lovely nation in the Persian Gulf. It is well-known for  its rich cultural history, beautiful beaches, and cutting-edge buildings. If you are an Thrissur resident visiting Bahrain for leisure, you will need a Bahrain tourist passport. The application procedure for a Bahrain tourist visa for Thrissur is simple, and various types of visas are offered based on your length of stay and reason of travel. By visiting the Bahrain consulate in Thrissur, you can register for a Bahrain eVisa, which is an electronic visa that can be acquired online, or a normal tourism visa.

The steps involved in applying for a Bahrain visit visa from Thrissur Explore Bahrain today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Determine if you need a visa

The first step in obtaining a Bahrain tourist visa for Thrissur Citizen is to determine if you actually need one. Thrissur citizens are required to obtain a  visa before entering Bahrain for any purpose, including tourism. However, there are some exceptions for certain categories of travelers, such as those with diplomatic passports  or those traveling for business purposes. It’s important to check the Bahrain embassy website or consult with a travel agent to confirm if you need a visa for your specific travel plans.

Step-2 Gather the required documents

Once you have confirmed that you need a Bahrain tourist visa for Thrissur, the next step is to gather all the required documents. These typically include a  valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining, a completed  visa application form, a recent passport-sized photograph, proof of accommodation in Bahrain, proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay, and a copy of your round-trip flight itinerary. It’s important to  carefully review the embassy’s website or consult with a travel  agent to ensure you have  all the necessary documents before submitting your application.

Step-3 Apply for the visa online

After gathering all of the necessary papers, the next step is to register for a Bahrain tourism visa for Thrissur online. You can do so by going to the Bahrain eVisa system’s official website and completing out the registration form. Provide precise and full information, as mistakes or gaps may result in your application being denied. You must also pay the visa cost online with a credit or debit card. You can monitor the progress of your registration online and  will receive an email notification once it has been processed.

Step-4 Pay the visa fee

The next stage is to submit the visa  fee after completing the Bahrain tourist visa for Thrissur registration form. The charge is payable  online with a credit or debit card. The visa fee differs according to the  duration of your stay and the sort of  visa you file for. Before completing the purchase, double-check the fee number. After you make the  purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with the money receipt. Keep this document  secure in case you need it in the future.

Step-5 Wait for visa approval and receive your visa

After submitting your application and paying the visa fee, you will need to wait for the visa approval. The processing time for a Bahrain tourist visa can vary, but it typically takes around 3-5 working days. Once your visa is  approved, you will receive an email with the visa attached as a PDF file. Make sure to print out  a copy of the visa and keep it with you when traveling to Bahrain. It’s important to note that the  visa is valid for a specific period of time, so make sure to check the validity dates before traveling. Congratulations, you are now  ready to explore the beautiful country of Bahrain!


  • A copy of Passport with at least 06 months’ validity.
  • PAN card copy.
  • Proper Colour Scan Passport size Photograph (JPEG format).
  • Confirm Return ticket (PDF format).
  • Proper Scan Host’s smart card, Visa copy, Invitation Letter and passport copy (For Family and Friend Visit).
  • Confirm Hotel Voucher (Tourism Purpose).
  • Valid visa of US or UK if possible.
  • Last 6 Month Bank Statement minimum 50k balances. (Not mandatory for 14 Days Family Visit)

Let’s learn a bit more about Bahrain

The Middle Eastern country of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf. It is situated close to the Saudi and Qatari coasts. The majority of the petroleum produced in the Western world must travel through Bahrain in order to reach the open ocean due to its strategic location in the Persian Gulf. Low desert plains make up the majority of Bahrain’s landscape. In this constitutional monarchy, the king is the head of state, and the prime minister is the head of government. Bahrain is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the League of Arab States (Arab League).

Bahrain is well-known for its lush date palm groves, and since ancient times, it has served as a trade hub and a source of raw materials for the region. The ancient kingdom of Dilmun, a trading hub with ancient Sumer, is thought to have existed on Bahrain Island. The majority of visitors to Bahrain come from other Arab nations, and tourism is a significant component of the local economy. Visitors come to Bahrain for a variety of reasons, including the fascinating history, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, shopping, and other tourist attractions. You are able to stay in Bahrain for one month with a visit visa. By going to NPRA in Bahrain, you can get an extension for an additional two weeks. (Some nationalities can stay longer). Multiple entries are permitted with the visit visa.<

Reasons to visit Bahrain

The greatest mystery in Bahrain is the tree of life

In Bahrain, an acacia tree that has been surviving without water for more than 400 years is a magnificent sight in the desert. It is a must-see location and a testament to the tenacity and endurance of Bahrainis and Arabs. Apart from a few oil fields and sheep farms, the area around the tree is completely empty. Food and water should be brought by visitors.

Explore pearl diving

Bahrain has a long history with the pearl diving industry. The Bahrain pearling trail is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and still protects the local legacy. If you want to have an exciting pearl diving experience, a certified diving company can drop you off in the middle of the ocean. What you find is also yours to keep.

The hospitable nature of Bahrainis

Bahrainis are warm and friendly, hospitable, and helpful. They are friendly and will help you if you ask. Expats make up the majority of the population, and the nation is one of the most liberal in the Arab world. It is therefore safe to travel to Bahrain because you will undoubtedly feel at home there.

 The incredible ancient heritage

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a prehistoric poem from Mesopotamia, and it is thought to have been written while Gilgamesh was in Bahrain. The Bahrain National Museum displays historical artefacts from the ancient era as well as scenes from the epic. This demonstrates how deeply rooted in its true heritage Bahrain still is.

The Gold Souq, a centre for exquisite designs

The most popular tourist destination in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, is the gold city. It offers exquisite jewellery made of gold, diamonds, and pearls in 22- and 24 carat varieties. In addition to a wide selection of modern and conventional designs, customers can order a gold pendant with their name engraved in Arabic.

 High-speed race: Formula 1

Bahrain hosts a variety of motor racing events, including Formula 1 high-speed races. This includes the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, the GP2 Series, the FIA World Endurance Championship, and the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix. One of Bahrain’s coolest tourist destinations is unquestionably the Bahrain International Circuit. Families can go there any time of year to see and experience the Bahrain Grand Prix.

 The architectural wonders

The architectural marvels of Bahrain, which include both modern structures like the Bahrain National Theatre and the infamous skyscraper with built-in wind turbines and traditional Islamic structures like the renovated homes in Muharaqq and the forts and mosques throughout the capital, are the most crucial details in this text.

The yummy delicacies:

The Halwa showaiter is a traditional Bahraini delicacy that must be tried. It has been around for 150 years and is specific to the location. The local cuisine also includes other delicacies like falafel, balateet, keema, and mandi. Bahrain also has a wide variety of international food establishments.

Souk in Bab Al Bahrain

The souk in Bab al-Bahrain is a bustling marketplace that offers a wealth of exploration opportunities. Whether you love to shop or not, this Souq is a great way to learn about Bahrain. Since 700 BC, the Thrissur and Mesopotamians have traded goods and spices through this ancient Persian Gulf entryway. This U-shaped Souq building, which is in the centre of Bahrain’s capital city of Manama, has winding streets lined with numerous vendors selling a wide variety of goods.

The assurance of safety

Due to its low crime rates and stringent regulations for female travellers, Bahrain is a safe place to travel. Female travellers during the pandemic should consider this country because it is particularly strict about adhering to COVID protocols and because small thefts are frequent there.

It is inexpensive to visit

It is not expensive to travel there because Bahrain’s total area is not much bigger than Singapore’s. This basically means that you can visit almost all of the tourist attractions, landmarks, and shopping centres in a matter of days. Additionally, a stay in Bahrain is inexpensive and comes with all the luxuries. Both luxurious and affordable hotels can be found throughout the nation.

Top places to visit in Bahrain

Manama City

Manama, which boasts gleaming skyscrapers, twin towers, and the Bahrain World Trade Center, is a lovely fusion of traditional and modern architecture. It is the ideal location for a sentimental holiday because it is filled with genuine Islamic architecture, traditional markets, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Bahrain National Museum

The largest public museum in Bahrain is the Bahrain National Museum, which contains artefacts dating back 4,000 years. It is a fantastic holiday spot with stunning architecture and a beachfront location. It is divided into six main sections, each with six halls and 4000 year old artefacts. One of the best things to do in Bahrain is to go on a tour.

 Beit Al Quran

Bahrain’s Beit Al Quran is a significant religious destination. It has one of the earliest translations into a European language and a large collection of Qurans from almost every century. Along with exquisite examples of Islamic calligraphy, manuscripts, wood carvings, and other artefacts, it also has miniature Qurans measuring 4.7 cm by 3.2 cm.

Riffa Fort

Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmad Al Fatih constructed Bahrain’s Riffa Fort in 1812 as a tourist destination. It also has a mosque that is open other than during prayer times and a small museum filled with artefacts. Visitors are transported back to the time of the Al Khalifas.

Hawar Island

In Bahrain, Hawar Island is a well-liked holiday spot for tourists who enjoy the outdoors and tranquilly. In addition to providing opportunities for water sports and opulent resorts, it also supports a variety of bird species, including sand gazelles and Arabian oryx.

Amwaj Islands

Bahrain is home to the artificial islands known as Amwaj Island. The beaches, restaurants, resorts, cafes, and shopping centres make it a top destination. It’s a great place to visit and has lots of entertainment options.

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve is a natural reserve and zoo in Bahrain that is home to more than 80 bird species, several other species of mammals, and over 25 different plant species. It includes the Water Birds Park, Wild Birds Park, Desert Flora Garden, and Wild Animals Complex, and has been caring for the species for 30 years.

Manama Souq

The Manama Souq is a fantastic location to purchase Bahraini souvenirs, spices, jewellery, and other goods. Try out your negotiating skills to get the best deals because bargaining is essential for finding the most affordable pieces.


Juffair’s quick development and top-notch restaurants make it a well-liked tourist destination in Bahrain. Along with the American Alley, a district renowned for its elite bars and restaurants, it is also home to some of the best hotels in the nation. In addition, the city is home to a number of towers that spring up annually, making it a well-liked holiday spot.

Isa Town

The Bahrain National Stadium, the biggest football stadium in the nation, as well as opulent residences and villas, a bustling market, neighbourhood cafés, and Isa Town make it a popular shopping destination in Bahrain. Additionally, it is the location of the vibrant bazaar stalls, neighbourhood coffee shops, and the crowded Bahrain National Stadium on game days.

 Al Jasra

Middle Eastern heritage centre Al Jasra is well-known for its handicrafts. Weavings, pottery, trinkets, and the Al Jasra House, the former home of Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, can all be found there. Visitors to the Al Jasra House can experience the world’s wonders while admiring the building’s glowing coral stonework.


Due to the variety of attractions it provides, Saar is one of the best places to visit in Bahrain in April. It is home to numerous summer residences owned by Bahrain’s wealthy and well-known residents, as well as cafes and coffee shops and a variety of dining establishments. Historical sites like the early Dilmun Settlements, known for their metalwork and copper ore artefacts, are also located there.

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Apply for Bahrain Tourist Visa from Thrissur:

To apply for a Behrain tourist Visa from Thrissur you may contact our visa consultants from the Thrissur office.

Frequently asked questions

The processing time for a Bahrain tourist visa varies, but it usually takes around 3-5 business days.

You can apply for a Bahrain tourist visa from Thrissur by completing an online application form and submitting it along with the required documents to the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate.

The validity of a Bahrain tourist visa can range from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the type of visa.

Yes, it is possible to extend your Bahrain tourist visa by applying for an extension through the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence.

A Bahrain tourist visa allows for a single entry into Bahrain, unless it is a multiple-entry visa.


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