Armenia’s Top 6 Attractions: A Comprehensive Traveller Checklist

Traveller Checklist

Armenian, located deep in the heart of the South Caucasus, is a land brimming with ancient charm and splendid multi-faceted heritage. Armenia is a mystical and unusual location that any adventure seeker would relish at exploring this unforgettable destination. This fascinating land that ranges from ancient temples in cliffs to a lively contemporary city is something for everyone that sets up a travelers Checklist heart beating with its diversity. An Armenia tour package from India guarantees a lifetime experience featuring amazing culture and natural beauty for the Indian Traveller Checklist.

Welcome to this complete Traveller Checklist exploring Armenian top six must-see destinations. If you are planning your first ever visit to the fascinating country or looking for some off-the-beaten path hidden treasures on return visit, six destinations are included in the book that provide enchanting combination of history, spirituality and natural beauty. Thus, fasten your safety belts and let’s move ahead for an unforgettable trip in Armenia’s top-rated attractions which have become accessible with your Armenian Tour Packages From India.

The A Comprehensive Traveller Checklist for Armenia’s Top 6 Attractions


1. Armenia’s Pink City in Yerevan


Traveller Checklist

  • The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, has earned the nickname “Pink City” thanks to the prevalent use of pink tuff stone in its architectural constructs that makes the city look very special and enchanting.
  • Republic Square in Yerevan is the city’s lively heart, packed with state offices, museums, and cafés. It can be used as an excellent beginning in city’s investigation.
  • It’s an enormous outdoor staircase that features art displays as its decorative elements. Beautiful at night, this place offers splendid view over the city.
  • Foodlover’s delight – “Armenian cuisine”. Do not forget to taste some traditional foods such as dolma, khorovats, lavash, and famous Armenian wrap sandwiches khorovats wraps

2. Garni Temple – Ancient Pagan Beauty


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  • This temple symbolized Armenia’s pagan era and was believed to be constructed during the first century AD, as an exceptional specimen of Hellenistic architecture in the area.
  • It is a photographer’s delight when set alongside greenish hills and cliffs. It also serves as a perfect venue to have a picnic filled with local cuisines.
  • Stepping into ancient Garni Gorge, an area with breath-taking basalt rock formations of Symphony of Stones, which is just few miles away, would be a delight of exploration.

3. Geghard Monastery – Carved in Stone


Geghard Monastery - Carved in Stone

  • The Geghard Monastery is an outstanding example of rock cut architecture. Its chambers and churches are cut right out of the rocks in a mysterious and misty ambiance.
  • The Armenian word for “spear” is “gorgor”, thus where “Geghard” has its origins. It’s related to the spear, that has pierced Christ’s side in course of crucification, and nowadays has been transported to
  • The complex has beautiful chapels, caves, and the Church of Saint Astvatsatsin that is a UNESCO world heritage site.

4. Lake Sevan – Pearl of Armenia


Lake Sevan Pearl of Armenia (1)

  • Lake Sevan, which resembles a real pearl when it comes to its blue waters and beauty of surrounding landscapes, bears the name “Pearl of Armenia”.
  • Have a peaceful and leisurely day around the lake, swimming, sunbathing, or going for boating. At local restaurants, try some of the delicious trout in Sevan which is also renowned.
  • The beautiful monastery of Sevanavank is based on a peninsula in the lake and has amazing view around the whole place. Perfect location for photographs or meditation.

5. Tatev Monastery – Wings of Tatev


Tatev Monastery Wings of Tatev (1)

  • The medieval monasteries are still preserved and one such magnificent structure is Tatev Monastery perched on a southen hill top in Armenia. varmaste.
  • This adrenaline-pumping trip is through the Wings of Tatev, a cable car ride that leads up to the monastery. It’s an experience on its own, and the gorge of Vorotan is breathtaking.
  • The complex is home to stunning churches with intricate stone-carved khachkars that symbolize deep rooted spirituality found in Armenian roots.

6. Khor Virap – Biblical Beauty


Khor Virap Biblical Beauty (1)


  • The site lies at the border of the kingdom bordering Turkey. It has been popularized for being related with St. Gregory Illuminator, the one who helped to convert Armenians into Christians.
  • Such is the case with the Armenian monastery located on the slopes beneath Mount Ararat, an iconic image recognized throughout Armenian history and beliefs. In bright weather, the impressive peak of Mount Ararat is visible behind it.
  • The underground pit in which St. Gregory was imprisoned can be visited by the visitors, adding a touch of history to the place.

Travelling in Armenia is truly a mesmerizing experience which takes one through a journey of exploration of rich antiquity, deep seated heritage culture and enthralling natural grandeur. Journey The Comprehensive Traveller Checklist for Armenia’s Top 6 Attractions tourism hotspots ranging from lively Yerevan to Tatev Monastery, lake Sevan, Garni-Geghard, to Khor Virap for the top 6 must Hence, set off to discover the hidden delights of Armenia, take photos that will remain etched in your memory for lifetime from a land of South Caucasus beauty. And get ready for your next wonderful trip!