10 admirably attractive places to visit in Spain

places to visit in Spain

Spain captures hearts of tourists with its vivid cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and abundant historical background. Spain features an amazing variety of tourist attraction sites, ranging from captivating architectural marvels such as those found at Barcelona to picturesque sandy beaches such as the Costa del Sol, to the magnificent Alhambra in Granada. From culture, ancient architecture, rich history, the best foods in the world to amazing landscapes, bustling cities to enchanting towns, this country will captivate any form of traveller visiting it. With this guide, let’s unravel ten enchanting places to visit in Spain that are sure to enthrall your curiosity. Therefore, come with me, let us go through the heart and soul of this fascinating country and explore the marvels that make Spain unforgettable.

The 10 admirably attractive places to visit in Spain

Salamanca, Castilla y León:

places to visit in Spain

The square of Salamanca’s Plaza mayor is simply magnificent surrounded by attractive ornamental buildings of renowned university and beautiful houses. The historic heart of the town has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, which appears quite warm and friendly because of the golden stone constructions.

Ronda, Andalusia:

places to visit in Spain

The town of Ronda lies on a steep ravine and boasts of stunning natural scenery including the Puente Nuevo, a lovely bridge built across the El Tajo chasm. It is a little town with an abundance of love and beauty.

Bilbao, Basque Country:

Bilbao Basque Country

This is a city where a revolutionary architectural wonder-Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. It offers a blend of modernity and a vastly distinct Basque culture for an interesting sight scene.

Costa del Sol, Andalusia:

Costa del Sol Andalusia

Here you can find lovely sandy beaches, a good climate, and an active night-life along the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Towns that are popular include Marbella and Torremolinos.

Segovia, Castilla y León:

Segovia Castilla y Len

The Roman aqueduct at Segovia is one of the most striking structures of ancient ingenuity. It is said that the Cinderella Castle of Walt Disney was inspired by its fairy-tale castle, the Alcázar.

Ibiza, Balearic Islands:

Ibiza Balearic Islands

The island of Ibiza, known for its amazing nightlife, is equally rich in lovely beaches with crystal waters, idyllic country scenery. Oahu is an island that combines liveliness of a party scene with serene beauty of nature.

Cádiz, Andalusia:

 Cadiz Andalusia

For instance, this old port city is well renowned for bustling carnival celebrations, some of the most spectacular beaches as well as an ancient town. Its atmosphere is Andalusian but with a marine touch.

Pamplona, Navarre:

Pamplona Navarre

Pamplona, known for famous running of bulls during the San Fermín festival has an impressive old town full of history. You should also visit the Gothic-style Cathedral of Santa María.

Alicante, Valencia:

icante Valencia

Malaga is a wonderful coastal city that features lovely sandy beaches, an active harbor area and a magnificent historical monument known as El Castillo de Santa Bárbara which commands a panoramic view over the city and the sea.

Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha:

Cuenca Castilla-La Mancha

The hanging houses of Cuenca, sitting high on the hills overlooking the Huécar gorge, present an experience of medieval and Gothic architecture preserved in amber. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites because of its excellent medieval architecture.

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